Monday, January 14, 2013

The Backstory 

OF COURSE there's a back story :)

In June of '12, I went for a consult with my RE.  Mainly because we thought we could get reimbursed the cost through a benefit my husband received-ultimately, we weren't aware of the fine print, and we didn't get our money back-major fail!  

But then, my husband switched jobs, which meant new insurance that my doctor did not accept; this was in July.  I knew I was starting work in early September and could opt in for the same insurance we had previously, which my doctor was working hard to begin accepting.  We weren't for sure of the benefits, but figured we would wait and see what coverage I got, because paying for it solely out of pocket was totally doable out of the question!  As soon as I began working, I promptly made all the obligatory phone calls with HR, the other insurances, the higher ups, etc.  After getting the run around, we decided on an insurance and I sent in all the required paperwork.  After the processing time had long passed, I called them up to find out my paperwork had been lost in transit.  So I had to resubmit my papers and wait, again, for the registration process.  I finally received word of all the benefits and approval of an FET in December.   

It was then that I scheduled blood work and an ultrasound.  You can read about that appointment HERE.

Now for the backstory...

Just to recap: no spontaneous period since summer of '10, last time my lining was shed was when Dovy was born 8/11.

With Moshe I got my period 10 months postpartum, so I had been expecting it again at some point.  When it never came, I just attributed it to the extra exercising (running) I was doing, and figured no big deal.  At the end of November I started to just feel funny.  I felt a lot of movement and for a week I was just uncomfortable, not crampy or bloated, just weird.  I actually took 3 pregnancy tests and they were all negative.  I told my husband, "either I'm pregnant or I'm getting my period."  When no answers were revealed-not a positive test, nor a period in site, I decided that I would call my RE to begin the initial appointments-we knew we were getting ready to move forward, I just wanted a look inside to see what was going on.  But, a week after this all started, on December 3, my uncomfortableness turned into lower right pain.  It hurt to walk.  I assumed it was ovarian and called the RE to ask to come in the next day for an ultrasound.  My husband wasn't convinced it was ovarian necessarily, and wanted me to go to my OB/GYN to make sure it wasn't appendicitis or ovarian contortion. Now mind you, he made these possible diagnosis over the phone, freaked me out, and when he walked in the door commented, "you don't look like someone with appendicitis."  I should point out now, that later that evening, my pain literally disappeared with a snap of the fingers-gone!

The next day, with an appointment scheduled at my OB, I placed a call to my RE.  I told him what was going on and how I would have preferred to come into see him, but no one called me back in time yesterday and with the increase in pain, I was forced to schedule with the OB/GYN.  He requested I get progesterone and estrodial drawn.  Of course my OB thought it was a little much, but he happily obliged.  He determined my pain was a gas bubble, and no ultrasound was needed-off I went.  I was to call in two days to get the results of the blood work.

On Thursday afternoon I received the blood test results and called them in to my RE.  He told me with levels the way they were, we could hypothesize that I had ovulated!  So, first time I ever ovulated, I was in too much pain to take advantage of the opportunity, and, it was confirmed almost 4 days after it happened!  I knew we were going to be doing a transfer soon, so I didn't think much of my sudden, spontaneous, ovulation, or of the missed opportunity.

For the next few weeks things seemed fine.  I noticed I was having an issue with weight gain and the inability to lose it, as I'm an avid weight watchers follower, but I just attributed it to my decrease in nursing and not decreasing the cheating ;)

When I went for my appointment on 12/18, we did an ultrasound.  Nice thick lining, which my doctor wasn't thrilled about because it hadn't been shed in a LONG time, but nothing was seen on the ultrasound.  And on 12/19, I got the call!

Needless to say we were all in shock!  My husband's reaction was, "how did this happen?"  I knew my doctor was right-the blood test wouldn't lie, but I promptly went and bought my own digital pregnancy test because I needed to see that word!

We're still in shock, but beginning to wrap our heads around this, and realize and of course hope, that we'll be blessed for this to result with a live baby around my EDD of 8-28!  I have yet to take a bump picture, I've missed the 1st month and I don't have a FET picture either, so I'll have to begin that in time for month 2.  Oh, and maybe I should start (and finish) the baby scrapbook for Dovy that has been sitting on my dresser for 17 months and through a move before this baby make his or her debut!  

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