Monday, January 7, 2013

It's ALIVE!!!

Today's ultrasound revealed that I most certainly have a growing embryo, with a heartbeat! Thank G-d!  I am measuring 6 weeks 5 days-which is further along than I had anticipated, so no complaints there!  
It was an interesting morning to say the least!  First of all, I went by myself, which is something I am so anti, but there was no way my husband could miss work.  I hit about 45 minutes of traffic, so instead of just driving over, there was a lot of nervous, quiet, sitting.  I also stopped to get gas before, because I knew if I did not get good news I would not want to pass go or collect $200.  

I eventually made it to my doctor, but I was last in line of about 5 women for ultrasound...time went on, slowly, e-mails, no facebook or instagram updates....finally I was taken back for the ultrasound, but the lady left me to change for 5 minutes!  I had already prepped for that (changed into socks from tights) when I first visited the bathroom!  The ultrasound tech came in, someone I have never met before, and put the camera in with a straight face...and that straight face continued while she was scanning until I said, "you're look is not very convincing."  Her response, "I always scan with a straight face."  Ok, I get it, but hello lady, this is the first ultrasound, I want to know if it's alive!  "So is there something alive in there?"  "Yes."  Well, 6 weeks 5 days it is!  Dr. confirmed that everything looks great and I am to return next week for another blood test to monitor the progesterone and on Martin Luther King Day I'll return for my second ultrasound!  Thankfully my husband is off so he can join me.  My kids will also be coming with us because my babysitter will have off.  I am always hesitant to bring my kids into the office, however my doctor loves when I bring them in and tells me not to worry, "we all have our own story."  So, hopefully that will be another day filled with good news that our family of 4+ can share together!  

*I will update with the ultrasound picture tomorrow.  My husband is not home and I have no idea how to do it!  


  1. Hip hip hooray!
    This baby is going to be someone extra special. Congrats.

    1. I truly hope that we will be blessed to have this journey continue on and a healthy baby will be born in August! I'm terrified, but know that I need to control myself because none of this is up to me. Thanks for your comment :)


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