Sunday, February 3, 2013

A New Year...

My Hebrew birthday was Friday; Judaism "dates" begin at night, so when I found out my birthday was Friday, I knew that meant it began Thursday night.  I made a nice pasta dinner, which I plan on sharing soon, and got cupcakes from Costco-any excuse to buy a treat.  I had been eying them for awhile, but they really weren't as great as they looked.  

 I have to work on my picmonkey skills....

My husband's family celebrates both Hebrew and English birthdays; I grew up only celebrating English. My parent's synagogue sends out letters informing people of their Hebrew birthday, and with it came a letter explaining some of the ideas behind celebrating a Hebrew birthday. 

A Jewish birthday is a personal holiday that is connected to your soul...It's a good day for reflection...making resolutions...and engaging in good deeds.

With my recent epiphany, I felt rather drawn to the spiritual aspect of what this birthday means.  In general, there's always something to be thankful for, but this year, it's extra special. 

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