Monday, February 4, 2013

Deep Cleaning 

You can find my post on my daily sprucing up here

It's no secret-I don't enjoy cleaning. I don't mind the daily sprucing, especially with my babyganics lavender spray, but deep cleaning is such a downer.  I've never had a regular cleaning lady, and to be honest-I'm not sure I will any time in the near future. Every time I begin to think of why I can justify it-I just can't stomach spending that kind of money.  It would cost me at least $200 to clean weekly, and if it's not weekly-what's the point?  I can't take off that time in between so I might as well do it myself!

Yes, some of it is repetitive, but I feel much more organized if I have everything written down-no matter what.  No, I don't need it on my To Do list to surface clean the counters, it's intuitive, but I still feel better knowing I'm going to see everything it is that I need to do. 

Something I've come to realize with cleaning is that it really doesn't take as much time as you would think-even deep cleaning the kitchen moves pretty quickly.  My goal, and hope for others, is that this type of broken down cleaning schedule will allow myself, and others, to achieve and maintain a state of cleanliness without spending whole days doing it!  Cleaning is a major bummer, but with a little amount of time each day, my house, and yours can  be spotless!!!! 


  1. Hey sweetie!

    So glad you commented on my blog! I'm happy to follow along! I'm so sorry you've been through so much! Congrats on your pregnancy. :)

    Thanks for all your support and reading my blog!! I'm excited to follow in your journey! Huge hugs!!

  2. I like to keep things clean too. I always feel better if I go to bed with a clean kitchen to wake up to!


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