Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weighty Issues....

I don't want to make this a series, undoubtedly I will write about this topic at least a handful of times now, as I have some posts in mind regarding the "weight" topic, and I'm sure as my pregnancy, G-d willing, progresses, and as well as after...

I never dieted before Moshe was born.  I was never heavy, a bit on the chunky side, but no one would ever characterize me as over weight.  In 10th grade we were required to choose a gym class; so my BFF and I chose Personal Training. We got into lifting weights and running.  The teacher challenged all of her classes that whichever period ran the most miles, would get out of taking the final.  With that in mind,  I began making myself a regular at the gym on the treadmill.  Now, I had played soccer, golf, did gymnastics, and ran track throughout my youth-and quit all of them
(my dad is always quick to remind me).  But it wasn't until that moment that I saw the benefits of exercise.  After that 10th grade gym class, I took up exercising.  Not dieting though-I exercised so I could eat the ice cream!

Take a look:  some of these are senior pictures, the rest are post-high school, pre-marriage.   

Throughout my pregnancy with Moshe, I continued to exercise, but due to the first trimester restrictions put on by Dr. Beloved, my exercise capability was drastically reduced by the time I was allowed to exercise.  Add on top of that, a bleeding scare at 16 weeks, with additional restrictions, my exercise consisted of daily 3 mile walks.  I managed to gain 40 lbs.  I had visions of myself leaving the hospital with my regular flat(ter) stomach and fitting into non-maternity clothes soon after.  Although throughout the pregnancy, I googled many anights about tricks for a flat stomach, tight abs, smaller hips, etc.  I bought a C-panty, a Medela support band, and I researched countless others.  (I can say at this point, nothing I bought worked, and just caused a loss of funds as well as frustration and uncomfortablness). 

Take a look:  these pictures are from the birth of Moshe until he was about 10 months old.

I'm sure you notice the (not) flat stomach....

This was a harsh reality for me...I continued walking, and I added in lots of cardio-running at the gym, 30 Day Shred, you name it-I would exercise it....but I never lost all the weight.  And, to be quite honest-it wasn't the weight so to speak-as big(ger) as I was, it was only 10 lbs heavier than when I was in highschool, but took about losing 20 lbs to fit into those same clothes again.  

While on a summer trip, I visited my college roommate in Chicago. She informed me of her own journey with Weight Watchers and why she loved it so much.  I was really hesitant because I felt like I was already doing everything I could-and it wasn't working.  She convinced me I should give it a try, after all I had nothing to lose...

Those two months were a major transformation for me.  Not only did I lose the additional weight I needed to lose, I lost more than I ever imagined!  I signed up to lose 10 lbs, and by the time I got pregnant with Dovy, I was down almost 22 lbs.  And honestly, it really wasn't that much effort because for the majority of the time I was on Weight Watchers that go around, I was nursing.  The extra nursing points were my snacks, I also exercised but didn't trade in the points, so I averaged -2 lbs a week.  
Take a look:

Besides having a fatter stomach, and less love handles, I notice the biggest difference in my face.  I would always complain to my husband that my wig was bad (I wear wigs and hair coverings for religious reasons) but it wasn't until now that I realized it was just my face-once I lost weight, my face thinned out!!!  In all of those pictures, I remember feeling like a million bucks!  

When I was pregnant with Dovy, I managed to continue walking, but I added in some pre-natal DVDs and maintained some weight lifting.  I managed to gain, 45 lbs (although I started out 10 lbs. lighter, so I was ok with that) and this is me 4 days after he was born:

Yeah, major preggo...

So by 2 weeks post-partum, I had re-joined Weight Watchers.  By 6 months, I had lost all the weight, and fluctuated up an down a few lbs depending on the week.  

I didn't get pregnant at my ideal weight, I was a few lbs up, but considering I actually ovulated I'm willing to bet that hormones played a part in my weight gain. 

In February of this past year, 6 months postpartum, I decided to buy a double jogging stroller, and begin the Couch 2 5k.  In 3 weeks (it's a 6 week program) I was running 3 miles.  I continued to increase it from there-although I still couldn't believe I was actually running 3 miles!!! And by the early summer I was up to running 7 miles a day!!!  Eventually my Sunday run would be 10 miles!  

I had grand plans of continuing the running throughout pregnancy.  However, we have had a brutal winter, and combine that with first trimester yukiness (including a non-medicated sinus infection) I got out of habit, and quite frankly lost motivation.  But to be honest-I'm scared...I'm scared because I managed to gain a lot of weight with both pregnancies-while exercising.  

It has been extremely frustrating for me to see my weight increase, which actually wouldn't bother me as much if I was able to exercise, as well as the fact that my cravings are out of control.  I do want to  do some research into the basis of cravings-are they just in my mind, or is there a biologic component to it?  Why am I even contemplating buying 50 individual bags of Lays potato chips from Costco?  Eating a doughnut everyday?  Going out to the store to buy icecream?  Why is it that when I'm on Weight Watchers I can walk right by all of those things?  But now-they are screaming: EAT ME!!! Besides the fact that these bad eating habits impact my family's's something I'm getting better at controlling now that the first trimester has passed, as well as something I want to control better with exercise and some self-control. 

Any tips?  Any suggestions?  Can anyone relate?  

This is a loose finish, but next up regarding this topic will be exercise during pregnancy!  

Happy Sunday and Monday :)


  1. Oh girl, I can totally relate- I gained 55 pounds while pregnant and it took me a long time to lose it! I like running too, but usually just do 3 miles- never 7 or 10! Good for you! As you know, be careful, it's easier to not gain than to try to lose it later.

    1. But it's so nice to give in ;)
      Part of it is that I need to adjust my mind set and not look at this time as an "eat w/e I want," but when I don't give into my cravings I get really grumpy! But the other part of it has been that for so long the healthy things made me sick, as well as not having the energy to do what I needed to do (cut veggies, fruit, take the time to prep, make dinner, etc) It's so hard-there's never enough time in the day!!!


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