Monday, December 28, 2015

Giving to Family & Friends

I've always been a gift giver, a giver at the usual times, a giver at the necessary times, and a giver just because.  It's a blessing and a curse honestly.  I love being able to bring joy to people, but at the same time the cost can add up.  I've mentioned before that my ideas pop into my head at random times, and I'm not one to easily let go of these ideas, no matter how intricate or over the top the plans are! I usually will cause myself unnecessary stress, but at the end, the smiles and joy are so worth it.  
That's why I really like to gift those we love with a special Chanukah gift, one that's handmade with the littles hands.  It doesn't get better than that.  These gifts become keepsakes, and years later they're still hanging.  

You can see what we did last year HERE
You can see what we did in 2013 HERE 
You can see what we did in 2012 HERE

But this year, I took it a step above handmade.  My kids love painting, so earlier in the year we went to a local ceramics place that has incredibly great prices, and the owner is incredibly friendly. Her shop is in her backyard and she took right to the kids from the get go.  You can call ahead and she'll advise you when is a good time to come.  I knew when we went the first time, we would go back to paint our Chanukah gifts.  I didn't want to spoil the surprise, which is why I'm only blogging about it now, but almost everyone has received their gift.  

Even Hannah was interested in getting in on the painting.  

I know a lot of ceramic painting places are boutique like establishments so their items cost an arm and a leg to paint. I painted 9 items, for $108!!! My advice would be to look for an individually owned ceramic place, or buy unpainted ceramics off of Etsy, along with a ceramic paint set.  

Happy Painting!

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