Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Cheer...

I see everyone is getting into the holiday spirit.  
Growing up as one in a handful of Jews in my rather large school-graduated 421 in my year,
I always felt left out during this time.
I'm not going to lie-I kinda always wanted to put up a Christmas tree...I know mom, there's no such thing as a Chanukah bush.  

Christmas is treated as a season, while Chanukah, to most Jews, is just an eight day holiday that comes and goes.  There's really no leading up to it, it's not really treated like a family holiday like Christmas is.  We still go to work, and carry on as normal.  It is true, we are in the month of miracles, but this sentiment is really felt in our prayer and the spirit of the month.  

When I recently walked the aisles of The Container Store, it made me sad and long for some true Chanukah spirit.  
How sad is it that Chanukah wrapping items take up only half an aisle?  While most of the store is decked out in Christmas decor. 
I get it, there's only so many dreidles, menorahs, stars of David and gelt...
So, I really do want to do what I can to give my children the holiday spirit.  
And we're getting there. 
I got further than I did last year!

G-d bless my husband who thinks it's ok to hang things with painters tape!  

There's a light up menorah in the window, and there was a hanging menorah on the door, but alas, painters tape was not strong enough!  

Here are some beautiful ideas for Chanukah decor which I can't wait to recreate...we'll see how much I get done this year!
Another problem is I'm also extremely limited on space, have no mantel, but most importantly I have 2 kids running around!  
However, they do love themselves a good project!

Create dreidel snow globes. #Buzzfeed chanukah decorations 

Or use gelt to create a table runner. 

Decorate these beautiful dreidel cards for menus. 

Martha Stewart Chanukah decor 

Chanukah Mantel decorating ideas for pennies! 

This one especially speaks to me because Chanukah is the festival of lights-a great miracle!  The oil, that was only enough for one day, lasted for eight! 
I got a positive pregnancy test on Chanukah, our Chanukah miracle!
Our Dovy.

Most people are familiar with the game of Dreidle.
There are four Hebrew letters
Nun, Gimal, Hey and Shin.
It's an acronym for Nes Gadol Haya Sham-a great miracle happened there.
In Israel, their dreidle is different.  Instead of a Shin, they have a Pey.
Nes Gadal Haya Po-a great miracle happened here.
And 3 years ago this Chanukah, a great miracle happened here.

I always make Chanukah cookies and share them with anyone and everyone.
Since Moshe has entered school, he is learning about the traditions.
He has been asking for potato latkes for weeks now.
My hope is for each day to have some sort of Chanukah activity-whether it's baking cookies, or making latkes, or sukfaniyot (Hebrew for donuts), or a Chanukah project-I want them to have a fulfilling Chanukah holiday and to really feel the miracle, love, tradition and family.  

How awesome do these look???


Because we don't see most of our family over Chanukah, I like to send some of our Chanukah to them.  
What better than a homemade project?!?

Here are a few I will keep in mind for the upcoming years 

Make Cute Chanukah Decorations From Popsicle Sticks! - creative jewish mom 

Craft Stick Star of David 


Here's what we went with this year 

 Menorah Art!  SUPPLIES: dry macaroni, dry lentils, glue, cotton bud, red crepe paper, & cardboard :::  Celebrate the holidays with supplies from around your home.  Make sure you sign your work of art! 

I used larger beans instead of the lentils.
Because of needing so many, if would have been better to plan on doing this over the course of two days.
My husband helped a lot, Dovy helped a little, Moshe enjoyed gluing the noodles and drawing the flames.

Some of you might be receiving this in your mailbox soon!

And lastly, who doesn't love a free printable?

They have Chanukah garland, cup cake wrappers, star toppers, patterned paper, wine labels, fancy tags, and coasters! 

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  1. I grew up and live in an area where Jews are probably 1/2 the population. My Jewish friends are mixed on the Christmas holiday, some love it, others are like meh... I think you can make it yours and go all out...yes to the Chanukah tree!

    Happy holidays to you & yours!


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