Monday, November 4, 2013

Mommy advice...

 I'm linking up with Kelly over at Kelly's Korner.
Today we're talking about mommy advice.

1.  Trust yourself.  Like, major.  I don't care what google says, what your babysitter says, what your best friend says happened to her sister-in-law's niece...seriously-you are mommy, and you know best.  Pretty simple in theory, but practically, it can get messy at times.  Why? Because it requires putting yourself in difficult situations. You may have to confront the babysitter, or a teacher, or even an administrator.  You may have to sound like the crazy mama to the doctor, but seriously, if you don't take care of it-not only will no one else, but it will consume you alive.  I mean it.  Get over it, and stand up for yourself and your child whenever necessary.  And yes, all of those possible confrontations-I've had 'em all!

My next two go hand in hand.

2.  You'll know when it's time. 

3.  It'll all get done.

 These have been my saving graces.  Seriously.  If I had to pick one, ok fine, two thing to say to a new mama, it would be these.  When it comes to kids, we all know how we beat ourselves up about things.  If the lunches and snacks we feed our kids are healthy enough, making a wholesome dinner-that everyone will eat-make sure it contains veggies!  Are we reading enough to our kids, are we addressing all of their emotional needs?  Are we giving them enough educational experiences? Is the way I punish and parent psychologically damaging?  Am I a bad parent because I don't make sensory bins, finger paint with them, run a home school when they're two and make their sandwiches into faces? I mean the list is endless.  But this also applies to the pressure we, as mammas, put on ourselves.  If you noticed, everything I mentioned in my list is first applicable to a mommy. The thing is, you'll know when it's time to make a change.  And beating yourself up about it is not how to go about convincing yourself.  It really is a feeling that comes from within.  When you're ready to tackle a challenge head on, you will absolutely know when. It doesn't matter who tries to tell you beforehand, only when you're ready-for everything from when it's time to wean, end co-sleeping,pick up some new disciplining techniques, or even when to begin buckling down on the diet.  Until that gut feeling creeps in, don't beat yourself up.  

It will all get done. Some how, some way.  There will never be enough time in the day-ever.  You think that energy kick you're on because of daylight savings time is going to last all year?  Puh-lease.  You'll have to rearrange and rearrange again, and the post-it notes will always be all over. There is some endless To Do list, somewhere, controlling you.  But, don't worry, somehow, you will figure it all out!  

4.  Survival Mode.  Everyday.  Run through your mental checklist-did the kids eat, did they sleep, are they wearing appropriate clothing, do they have people in their lives that love them, is everyone healthy? Did you answer yes to those questions?  Ok great, don't worry about anything else.  In today's society where it's a race against Pinterest, it just isn't worth it.  What's that quote-Comparison is the thief of joy? Totally true-live in the moment and forget what other mammas look like, what their houses look like and what they are able to accomplish.  Healthy, well adjusted kids are all you need to be successful at your job.

5.  And the last very important piece of advice-sippy cups grow mold.  

Come back later this week as I share a follow up to this post. 

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  1. Ha--love that last bit! And the point on comparison. Love your blog design!


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