Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I'm following up on  few things.
Plus I owe you a blog post. 

First of all, thank you to all those men and women who have so bravely served our Country.  I cannot fathom what those men and women, and spouses and children of those men and women have to deal with while away, so the rest of us can live in peace.  
Thank you!

Second of all, thank you for all of the kind comments on Hannah's nursery. 
You can read Week One HERE, Week Two HERE, Week Three HERE, Week Four HERE, Week Five HERE, and the final reveal, HERE.
I really do plan on making it through all of these spaces!  
You can see everyone's final reveal HERE!  
I am already starting to think of ideas for the next space!  

Lastly, my nursery was featured on Life and Home at 2102!
Thank you so much for the shout out!!! 

Now-I wanted to do a follow up to my Mommy Advice post.  

Alright, so if you know me, and maybe if you don't-I've sure posted about it here on the blog.
I put a lot on my plate.  
I'm constantly running and doing.
When one To Do list ends, another one begins. 
I hate clutter.
I hate that things aren't perfect, all of the time.
I have this silly expectation that I will wake up every morning and come home every afternoon-no matter what, to a perfectly put together house.
I also have this crazy desire to make sure almost every other aspect of my life is perfect.  
And I'm not talking about faking it until I make it.
I'm talking about for real.  

I want gourmet, healthy, home cooked dinners every night.
I want my kids to go to school and daycare with a lunch that hits every section on the food pyramid.  
I will take that year long parenting class and my kids will then behave like angels.  
For the record, that was my new years resolution last year-ask me how many classes I've listened to-go on, I dare you! 

Again, and I know I'm preaching to the choir, but mainly preaching to myself,
It's enough. 
The basics are covered, so just accept the rest and get on with it.
Enjoy what really matters.
The clean sink won't give anything back to me.
Either will the newly vacuumed rug.  

One day a couple of weeks ago I had an epiphany.
See, I work in the poorest school district in the country. 
You know when your school pairs up with a Title One school-yeah, I'm that Title One school. 

One afternoon, I discovered the history of a student.
The lack of parenting-think drugs and eventual removal from the home, as selfish as it is, helped me deal with my own insecurities.  
Yes, I do believe life would be better if I didn't let it bother me if toys were everywhere, if I didn't feel like my house had to be picture perfect all the time, if I would be ok with eating the same rotating menu.  
But I don't want to give up on certain things-and I realized that's really ok.
Dealing with the pressure is a whole other issue-not what I'm addressing right now however.  

I just simply realized that no matter what craziness I put on myself, and no matter how "absent" I may make myself because of this-less time at the dinner table, less time spent reading or watching DVDs with them, less time actually at home with them-they are taken care of.
If it's not me, they are only with people who love and care about them!
All of their needs, will always be met.  

We so frequently say 
It takes a village to raise a child
But then why, is the thought of letting other people help, so appalling?  

So, with this, I realized that it isn't bad that I need to take some time away to make sure my house is put together.
That I take some time to blog and decompress at night.
That I extended my babysitter's hours during the week to accommodate exercise time.  

A happy mommy will be much more beneficial to my children then if I was with them 24/7.  

And now I feel much more at peace.
It doesn't always have to be me.      

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  1. So true--mommyhood makes it hard to keep that perfection instinct:) I'm trying to prep myself ahead of time that life will be crazy when the baby arrives, and that's ok!


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