Thursday, November 14, 2013

One Room Challenge...Source List

I wanted to answer those questions of where my goodies are from.
Just keep in mind no furniture was bought new, it's all from over four years ago.
Only accessories did I have to buy!
Let's begin...

My favorite part, the crib and dresser.
This is the Isabella crib and matching dresser from Stanley Young America.  
The problem is, the crib is a dropside-and they don't make it anymore.  
As far as my searching goes, they don't make an Isabella crib anymore.  There are Isabella dressers and matching beds, bunk beds, night stands, etc, just not a crib.  
The closest one is just a small image and won't upload properly, but you can find it HERE
I have to admit something though, I don't think it's worth the price.
I absolutely love the look of this crib. In fact I had this picked out long before kids entered the picture.  
But, almost four and a half years ago it cost over $1,000.  And I think it has almost doubled since then.  
The crib is broken, so much so that I don't know if Hannah can actually sleep in it-the wheels have fallen off, the drop side has come off, a peg holding in the mattress broke off during our previous move, there are several marks on the finish that I don't like-like a bubbling of sorts. And you can see from the picture above a decent size chunk of white paneling has come off of the dresser.  
We had an entertainment piece that attached to the rail and I think it trapped in moisture, softened the paint, and caused it to rub and smudge.
I just don't think the price tag of these pieces reflects in quality. 
Unfortunately, to replicate this look, you're looking at much higher end brands.
 I would like to do a post on cribs, maybe one day. 

My rocking chair was found on Craigslist. Apparently it's some fancy brand that reclines-which many don't.  
At the time I bought it, there weren't cheap options of rocking chairs. Since then, I've seen a couple of custom options at Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us.  

That's more of the look I would go for now a days.
The picture is being funny...

 My night stand is some cheap option most likely from an easy to shop on-line place like Sear, JcPenny, Target or Walmart.  

The lamp was a lucky boutique find-since it matched exactly with my bedding, which was found on Overstock at the time. 

My bookcase was custom made-it was a cheaper option, because the Isabella bookcase is way overpriced, but although it sounded like a deal, Ikea would have been a much better option-better look, and surprisingly would have held up better!  

 The mirror is from Target

 The wicker hamper is from Target, but I recently bought another one for the boys' room from Amazon, and you could pick your liner color-separately of course.  
The bin is from The Container Store, but is no longer available. 
I had one in teal, but because of all the blue in the room, I returned it.
Those are Aden and Anais swaddle blankets-can't live without!  

The crate was an aha purchase found on Etsy

 The sconces were a lucky find through scouring the internet.  Scones and chandeliers can be expensive, and when Moshe was born, I was on a tight budget-remember, I had all the furniture to buy too!
It was a set of two sconces and a chandelier.  The chandelier wasn't always in use, but in our current and previous residence, it resided over the top of the stairs.  It adds a beautiful, shabby chic touch.  

 The curtain rod is from Restoration Hardware.  
I have a similar one because when I was in search of one for Moshe's nursery, I only found on there!
It has been used somewhere, in ever residence since, so I know it will always have a home.
The curtains are Ikea and are $4, seriously! I don't lie...
The doll bassinet was a gift.

The beige and pink pillows I found randomly while on a random trip to Target-aren't all trips to Target random? They are from the Shabby Chic collection.  
The personalized h pillow was created by VixonGoods
I just seriously cannot say enough good things about Cara!  She created pillows for my boys' room, that absolutely blew me away!  

The monogram was from Etsy
I spray painted it gold.

The hooks are from Home Depot, spray painted gold.
The towel is from Pottery Barn Kids.

One of my favorite parts!
The frames are from Home Goods, and I used Annie Sloan chalk paint to paint them.
I did plan on following a tutorial on antiquing  them, however, it antiqued itself.
I'll explain in an upcoming tutorial and review of my own! 

This print is from Etsy

The bookend and picture frames are from Home Goods.
The jewelry box and bowl are from Target.
The books are all from Amazon.
The clock is from Anthropologie

There ya have it! 
Let me know if I'm missing anything!

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  1. It came out beautiful! Bummer about the crib! We got a cheaper one. ,and I'm glad, because with wear and tear, teeth marks, etc, it will probably last a lot less than I originally thought!


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