Sunday, December 6, 2015

Educational Gifts

Educational Gifts

Chanukah started tonight, and I figured the least I could do is make the experience somewhat educational.  Thankfully, we don't have live TV what?!? and hubs and I realized not only are we saving money in cable costs, but we're saving money in the gift department as well!  No outrageous gift requests here!  In fact, Dovy requested underwear for Chanukah.  
Of course I would love to have the money to go all out, but that's not my reality, and since I don't have a playroom, that's a-ok.  At this season in our lives, we use Chanukah and birthdays as an opportunity to gift meaningful gifts.  

Some of the educational gifts my littles will be receiving this Chanukah are magnatiles.  We have loved magnatiles for quite some time.  They are perfect for every age! Seriously-babies love lining them up, or just carrying them around, and the older kids love building with them.  We have one set, so we requested a second set.  Personally, I prefer the solid colored set as oppose to the translucent set because it doesn't show scratches.  Seriously, several years later, mine are in perfect condition.  

Of course, I got them books! Moshe and Dovy were so thrilled to go to their school book fair and thankfully, their requests were simple.  You'll see below, but I got them the perfect book accessory too...

They have also been itching to learn how to tell time.  I found these cheap watches that actually label the minutes and the hour!  It's similar to my first watch growing up, and I look forward to watching them have this experience.  

We are a very musical family over here, especially Dovy.  The toilet paper holder and brook have all been turned into microphones; the pencils are the drumsticks and the chairs are the drums.  We got them a handful of cheaper instruments.  Some are better quality than others, but since they're little, they aren't quite ready for true instruments, but the play ones bring them so much joy.  I should probably buy a couple pairs of ear plugs!

I came across Little Passports years ago, and it finally felt like the right time make this purchase.  This is subscription box for kids that teaches them about culture and geography!  You can gift it, with a three or six month subscription, or you can do a whole year for $140.00!  They have different boxes for different ages: 3-5, 6-10, and 7-12.  I gave this to Moshe's bestie for his birthday, and it was a huge hit.  My kids, of course, found out about how awesome it was, and had been asking for their own.  Little did they know I had already ordered their year long subscription.  

I also got them some practical gifts like this Land of Nod clip on light.  It's the perfect shade for their room, and they are getting into books and reading in bed at night, so I knew this would be a great gift. 

I saw some dinosaur slippers at Costco a couple weeks ago, and with it getting cold here, I knew they would get excited about these!  

Hannah really got the brunt of the practical gifts because she was lacking some of standard gifts that the boys got at her age.  I ordered from my friend's sister's new business this personalized stood and blanket.  I know she'll be so excited about it!  I ordered these from my friend's sister's new business Pompomz; so not only am a I getting a practical gift, I'm also supporting a small business. 

But after all the gifts were wrapped, I was stressed about how I would give them all.  I didn't know which was first night worthy, or last night worthy, too boring, too get the idea.  Basically, I didn't want to be responsible for the kids' disappointment.
I got this great idea that I would label each coordinating gift with a number, and they would draw a number each night.  Not only will that add a level of excitement to it, but they then have to go match the number!  They were pretty excited about it!

And of course, when they were disappointed that tonight's gift was only one, a bigger ticket item, I got to just blame it on the number and tell them tomorrow it may be different, they'll just have to wait and see!  The excitement is mounting...

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