Thursday, December 17, 2015

It's getting cold out...kinda

In preparation for what should have been winter weather, I pulled out the bin from the garage with all of our winter accessories.  I discovered that we had 14, yes 14 pairs of gloves.  Add to that snow gloves, hats and scarves and you're looking at an organizational nightmare.  Especially considering our closet looks like this

This isn't the prettiest of organizational updates, but that wasn't my point here. We know this space is very temporary and the bottom line is, there isn't much I can do with such a tiny space and such large needs.  So, my one and only goal was to figure out door storage for these winter accessories.  

Last year I purchased this from The Container Store.  Practically speaking, it was what I had in mind.  In reality, it just wasn't big enough.  For some reason their cite isn't working, but it's an over-the-door hanging mesh-like hanging compartment thingamajig.  

I had searched Pinterest high and low and I really wasn't seeing anything that fit our needs.  Somehow, I came up with the idea that hanging large soft baskets  would be my answer (that way they can be smushed when we force the closet door closed and light enough that they can hang from command hooks)  The only thing is, the baskets have to have the right kind of hook/opening for hanging on these hooks.  I wanted to check out my local cheaper establishments like Target, Home Goods and Ikea before I committed to the pricier stores like West Elm, The Container Store, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn...because again, I wasn't going for pretty here.  I eventually found these baskets at Ikea for $10 a piece. 

BOHOLMEN Rinsing tub IKEA Makes washing-up easier if you have one single sink bowl.
So it turns out it's not actually a basket, rather a rinsing tub, but hey, they say use your imagination, and that's exactly what I did.  They are definitely big enough, very light weight, and the "handle" doesn't allow for the basket to really hang much, so it rests securely on the hooks.  

I had to first take down all the hooks that were on the door.  Just a warning, this is what happened when I took down the old command hooks...

Then I had to should have measured the length of the door and bins to plan out appropriate heights and spacing for all of the bins, but I just needed this project done and wasn't interested in spending that much time on it.  I started at what I thought was a good height, so I could see in and reach #shortyproblems, and then I just continued on down until all four were hung and thankfully it all worked out!  

I then used velcro to attach chalkboard signs as my way to label each bin.  They have since all either fallen or been taken down, so I will need to find a way to secure them better soon, as that was my one decorative touch! 

All in all, I have to say I am very pleased that for about $50 I was able to create a somewhat custom winter closet storage system that doesn't kind of work, it absolutely works!  

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