Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Gifting Traditions

They say that there's something extra special about a homemade gift.  But to be honest, it makes me a little self-conscience. 
To send a little craft as a gift just seems a little cheap to me. 
I know, it's the thought that counts but it's hard to give handmade  gifts that are truly useful.  

When it comes to our family and very close friends, we like to send off a little Chanukah themed homemade craft.  It all started when I needed to get rid of some of Moshe's artwork-so I laminated each piece and mailed them out as place mats.
They were very well received, so I decided that our new family gift giving tradition would be to send a piece of themed artwork.  
You can see my first gift HERE
Last year the craft got a bit more involved, check it out HERE.

Here is what we created this year.  


I bought all materials from Michaels.  
And of course, I figured out a couple of ways to cut corners.  
I used blue paint that had glitter in it so I didn't have to later go back and add glitter.  
I also found glitter foam sheets that were self-adhering.
These cut down on tons of steps-as it is, the project was already on a 4 day timeline, imagine adding in wet glue and glitter?  

The boys were thrilled to be painting. 
Dovy wasn't nearly as interested as Moshe.  I think Dovy painted two craft sticks until he pooped out, and Moshe completed painting all the sticks.  

Hmm...notice anything funny about this?!?

  Looks like someone had some fun!

Once the sticks were dry, I was able to use a hot glue gun to make triangles-and then overlay them to create the star.


It was super annoying to cut out close to 50 flames, but the glitter foam paper gave such a pop!




Finally, I just used silver pipe cleaners-folded them in half and twisted the ends together.  I then hot glued the twisted ends to the back of the star so they can hang.

And they're off!


I hope these will be a big hit!

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  1. They sure a a big hit at this Grammy and Grandpa house. I already have it hanging up. I really like it.


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