Monday, December 15, 2014

Homemade Chanukah

In lieu of Monday Munchies-we'll still be sticking to the homemade theme, but of the non-edible form!
I mentioned that there really isn't much selection, let alone variety of Chanukah decorations.  So I've taken to making my own.

I have very little space to decorate, so I decided that this year all I would add was a banner. 
I wanted the banner to relate to Chanukah, but a bit more meaningful.  
More of the reason for the season type of thing.

Chanukah is a story all about miracles. 
Oil that should have only lasted for one night, lasted for eight nights.  
In Hebrew, the saying is, and the letters on the dreidle are actually an acronym for this: a great miracle happened there (or here if saying it while in Israel). 

We've definitely had our share of miracles around here. 
One of them even took place on Chanukah.  
I found out our second transfer had been successful on Chanukah, four years ago now.  

Believe in miracles
That's the message behind Chanukah that I wanted to convey in my house.  
So I got right to it!

I found all the letters at Michaels. 
I will mention that a hand saw was requires since some of the letters were out of stock!
But, I made do.
And of course-every good project utilizes gold spray paint.

Just spray paint the letters, hot glue to some jupe, and voila!

I am loving this extra special touch for the Chanukah season-which begins tomorrow night!
Check back to see our nightly Chanukah round up!

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