Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Light up the Night

The Festival of Lights is finally here!
And I'm exhausted already...
Let's recap nights one and two.

Night #1

The boys were so excited to get Dilly Dots as their gift. 
"Yesss, Dilly Dots! We've been asking for these!"

Our Chanukah activity was Chanukah Bingo. 
You can find the free printable HERE.  
I couldn't find the actual printable itself, so I just printed the page off of Pinterest and laminated it myself. 
The gold coins (gelt) came in a super adorable container from Costco.

The boys were very excited about their money.  It actually took them some time to realize it was chocolate money.

Night #2

The boys received nerf guns as their gifts.
Now, I was always against any type of weapon, even if it was meant to be kid friendly. But to be honest, the boys have started playing games like hockey and shooting-but with household items like broom sticks, pots and pans, and empty wrapping paper rolls.  I realized  might as well give them the "real" thing so I can at least use my broom when I need it.  

Their activity tonight was supposed to be edible dreidles, but we had a synagogue Chanukah party, complete with laser tag and it was just too wonderful to leave.  

Maybe tomorrow night...

This morning Dovy had his Chanukah performance.  

Last night Dovy couldn't stop singing his performance songs, today-not a single peep passed his lips during the performance.  He didn't even get out of his chair-but he made sure to wear his crown all day and night!

I hope your dark nights are filled with plenty of light so far this Chanukah!

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