Thursday, March 21, 2013

Traveling Diaper Bag

What's in my travel diaper bag...
I've flown quite a bit with kids.  I flew a lot more when it was just Moshe, traveling home and to places to show him off when he was a wee one.  Once Dovy came along, I couldn't travel as much because of where I was in my schooling, and because Moshe would require his own ticket, and let's be honest-traveling with two on your own is a heck of a lot different than traveling with one!  I have done it, once, and I almost paid to have my mom fly to NY to meet me here and fly with me to our final destination.  I survived, but it's not pleasant...heck it's not pleasant even traveling with my husband there to help!  

Plane travel is hard, especially in an airport where customer service is a low priority.  Everywhere I've ever flown to has been great, leaving New York, not so much, not even the slightest.  

Let me just vent for a minute-how much sense does it make to require that a sleeping, non-walking baby be removed from his carseat, so the carseat can be scanned, but NO ONE HELPS FOLD/UNFOLD THE STROLLER?  WHILE HOLDING A BABY, I'M EXPECTED TO FOLD AND UNFOLD BY MYSELF?!?
ok rant over....

Anyway, we're heading off to Florida to visit my parents for Passover.  I can't wait to join them down there, and have my boys swim the days away in their pool, however I'm dreading getting down there.  

So this is what's going in my diaper bag-which is not this beauty by the way, I guess my Skip Hop Duo didn't make the cut because it can't be found on Polyvore. 

Traveling Diaper Bag

Sun care

Bath body product

Vans Authentic

Boon 'Swig' Sippy Cup

Triple Paste Medicated Ointment For Diaper Rash, 2 oz

Moshe is now potty trained-I'm still debating if I'm going to have him wear a pull up or just take him to the bathroom at his command.  We've only had one accident thus far, so I know he has great command over it, I'm just nervous with the plane.  Dovy, of course is still in diapers which means I need diapers, wipes, and Triple Paste (SWEAR by it ladies...) And of course I'll need some hand sanitizer and lotion.  It's best for both of these to be kid friendly options because when I use a product, the kids want to use it too.  My boys love nail polish and makeup!

Of course I need an extra outfit because of potential accidents-I'll probably pack a Florida appropriate summer outfit as oppose to a March WINTER New York outfit.  And how cute is that Carter's boys romper?!? Love toddler one-pieces.  Great leg pinching access.  

Of course I'll need two sippy cups that I'll fill with water once past security, as well as two snack containers-because G-d Forbid we share, and not grab!    

And I think the most important component of the diaper bag is the Cars coloring pages and crayons.  I also bought stickers that will hopefully keep them entertained throughout our travels (including a layover!!!)  

We contemplated purchasing on-flight WiFi, getting a portable DVD player, or loading our phones or laptops with downloaded favorites, but ultimately decided that not only would it be a hassle to deal with, it would probably only buy us minimal entertainment time on the plane.  

What things do you take in your diaper bag? 

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  1. - mini-magna-doodle

    I bought a similar mini-magna doodle (with thomas) for our trip to Israel, when Eli was 1.5. Seriously one of the best things. We draw and tell stories at the same time. No mess, no worrying about things rolling away or drawing on the plane by accident.


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