Sunday, March 31, 2013

Monday Munchies...Passover Edition II

Another traditional food is matzoh brie.  Basically, soak the matzoh in water, crumble it up, mix it with an egg batter and fry-you decide if you like it crispy or mushy- our house is mixed on that opinion), plain or with jelly or sugar-we're mixed on that too!  

It sounds gross, but it's an all time favorite...considering what we eat the rest of the time!

Matzoh Brie
1 box of matzoh
4 eggs
Milk-eyeball it
Toppings of choice: sugar, jelly, fruit, chocolate chips, what ever you can think of!

Soak the box of matzoh in a bowl of water.  The bottom couple of inches should just be immersed, let it soak while you mix the eggs and milk a separate bowl.  The egg mixture should resemble scrambled eggs.

Break the matzoh into chunks-a little larger than bite size.  Mix the broken matzoh pieces in with the egg mixture.


Now it's up for you to decide if you like it mushy or crispy!  AND pick your toppings.  If you come up with anything creative, let me know-I prefer the 'ole sugar.

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