Thursday, March 7, 2013

Everyone has a story...

It's true, we all have our own story to tell.  To some, the story may be obvious, and maybe that's true.  To others, they're oblivious.  You, maybe you want to hide the truth.  Maybe people just assume that things look too good to be any other way.  Or maybe, you want to share.
We all have a story.  But I'll admit something I'm not proud to say aloud-I've judged people.  I've actually uttered the words, "oh well, I had to do IVF."  As if to imply that anything short of that, wasn't really infertile.  

My story drastically changed with this spontaneous pregnancy.  I questioned how I would be received by the infertility community.  See, I want to be the face of infertility.  But how can I be, when my journey just seems to get easier?  And easier...

Someone recently got in touch with me-admitting to reading my blog.  My blog information is included in my e-mail's signature.  She said that when she found out I was pregnant, she was jealous-but after reading my blog, she had perspective.  On the outside, I look like a fertile myrtle-3 kids 4 and under, a kid every two way I'm infertile!  She herself struggles, but never assumed that I did too...

Sometimes I wish I could just wear a sign that says Infertile...I want to share my story.  

My story may be different.  It's not the same.  It's not worse.  It's not better.  It still had it's moments of heartbreak, and worry, and fear.  I've had cancelled cycles, I've had money woes, I've had sleepless nights, I've gotten angry.  

This is my story.  

I want this to be a place where no matter your struggles, your story, your fears, or your dreams-you are welcome here.  

I'm proposing an Infertility Platform-where anyone and everyone is encouraged to share their story-with their real information, or anonymously if they so desire.  The first Tuesday of every month I would like to share a fellow infertilw'a story.  Until I get an e-mail account open for the blog, please comment below if you would like to participate!  

Let's show the world the many different faces of infertility! 


  1. I would gladly do this--I'm so glad you're opening up conversation about this!

    1. Awesome-I have a taker for April, would you be interested in May?


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