Monday, March 25, 2013

18 weeks, onto the 5th month...

Pregnancy's said to be 9 months, but 40 weeks is really 10 months.  Do you count the month only when it's complete or when you begin it.  So 18-2=16 weeks, 16/4=4 months complete...that's the extent of my math abilities.  How do people calculate their gestational place in a pregnancy?

I'm wearing the Stella & Dot Bianca Tassel Necklace 
Hey, have to give a shout out!

Total weight gain/loss: I forgot to measure before I left, and I the main reason because I'm so picky.  I know it's bad people, so I won't weigh at night, and I won't want to weigh in the morning if I've had a lot of salt the day before.  I have my next OB appointment 4/4, but even Dr. Wonderful's scale is slightly off, plus I can't weigh in naked there. Well, I probably could, but I don't think that would be appreciated.

Maternity clothes? I haven't worn anything officially maternity, however I've retired the jean skirts and am only wearing my stretchy skirts.  My undershirts are also getting too short.  I finally pulled out the bin with my clothes, and I had anticipated using some of the clothes for our Florida trip, but I pulled out a lot of tunics and loose shirts that are non-maternity that I didn't need to make use of the maternity clothes yet.  However, because my weight gain is all over, even the loose tops aren't really fitting, they're too tight!

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty good!  I'm better able to function on much less sleep, which unfortunately is what I need to do in order to complete my day-to-day activities.  I wish I could log 8-9 hours of sleep though.  I don't usually have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but if I do get woken up, I usually take advantage of already being awake.  

Best moment this month: Going to Florida is definitely on my list of exciting things this month!  We haven't been here in a year and is our only vacation.  Ever.  Besides that, last week my husband took me to his work and gave me a peace of mind ultrasound.  All looks well, but anatomy scan is 4/4.

Movement: I do feel movement, but maybe pregnancy brain is getting the best of me-but I swear I felt a lot more movement with the boys at this point.  You would think I'm a first time mom-I can't distinguish the movements from gas at this point-which is so weird and frustrating for me.  Consistent movement really helps keep my mind at ease.  I tossed around buying a doppler, but I really am hesitant, it's so easy to have a potential disaster and that's really the last thing I need.  I just need to realize that what will be, will be and have reassurance that I've made it this far.  Once I have the anatomy scan and have a confirmed healthy baby (if it is) then I will hopefully rest easier.  

Exercise:  Unfortunately,still non-existent.  I've been pouring all of my free time (which I used to use for exercise) into Stella & Dot responsibilities.  Let's just hope it all pays off.  I really need to start running, and at this point 2 miles is a good starting point, so it won't take long, but at nights doing the DVD that I bought.  I did bring it with me to Florida, so maybe I'll get around to testing it out.

Gender:  At my last OB appointment, the heartbeat was 154, so I changed my opinion to boy, based on the midwives tale that heartbeats that slow are boy and higher heartbeats are girl.  During the ultrasound last weekend, my husband was planning on doing it himself, just to check.  But the tech ended up coming in and wanted to scan herself. We told her we didn't want to know, but she looked for herself and left the shot on the screen.  So, we decided we will confirm at anatomy scan, but keep secret, as best as we can that is.  

Labor Signs: Nope! 

Belly Button in or out? In, but starting to stick out up top

What I miss:running and having self-control over my diet...must.get.better! I also would like to stop peeing my pants whenever I sneeze or cough.  But that won't go away any time soon.

What I am looking forward to:OB appointment 4/4!  My belly taking more of a hard belly shape as oppose to looking like a belly but flabby.  More consistent movement, feeling the baby from outside, but also actually interacting with the baby through my pokes and prods :)   Yes, I annoy all of my babies in utero.  

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