Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Monday Monitoring...FET Prep

Monday rolled around and I found myself on an early morning drive back to New York.  Let's be real, for those of you who can't believe I "commute,"what mother gets 8 hours of uninterrupted time to listen to whatever non-kid music she wants, and talk to her friends?  #exactly 
Oh, and I forget that I get to eat some kind of food, uninterrupted, and all to myself.
It's all about the silver lining...

Something happened, something amazing. I won't go as far to say it's a miracle, but the longer I trudge through this, the more times I see a higher power at work.  I am going on my 4th transfer, all have been the same protocol.  The first transfer in April went off without a hitch!  The August transfer also seemed to be ok, but then the subsequent November transfer brought about lots of lining issues; an issue that we had never faced before, and we never had an answer as to why.  And then again during the fresh cycle, I had lining issues again.  But now, at my first monitoring appointment for this upcoming FET, my lining is already trilaminar.  
Same medicine, same dose, same protocol-but totally different outcome.  
Do you know why?
I sure do...
But it just goes to show you that sometimes, there aren't answers to why. 
Sometimes, we just fall on the wrong side of statistics, and there aren't answers to why.
Sometimes, things just work how they're supposed to, and there aren't answer to why. 

We discussed trying Neupogen again, but decided to, "let it go" this time since all the times I did get pregnant, I had not used neupogen.  We also decided to thaw one embryo since I have a good track record: 4/5 transfers resulted in pregnancy, however the success of the last 2 pregnancies was out of our control.  So, I compromised.  I'll transfer one now, and if it fails, two go in next time.  I am all for twins, I know I could handle twins, but I'm coming off of a very stressful, anxiety ridden year-I don't need to necessarily invite an extra anxiety filled situation right now.  So, one embryo it is. Estimated date of transfer: February 22 

For now, I continue 5 units of Lupron nightly, and Monday night I took .1 mL of estrogen, and I will take .2 mL tomorrow, Thursday night.  And come hell or high water, or more like snow and ice, I will travel back to New York Friday morning.  Dr. B and I spoke tonight, and we do have a backup plan in case it's impossible to make it, but fingers crossed! But truthfully, I'm so relieved the weather might throw a kink in the plans at this point in the game as oppose to three weeks ago when I was in the middle of stimming-that would have been a real problem.  

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  1. transferring one embryo twice (instead of two embryos at once) *increases* your odds of a baby to take home. Good choice :) Good luck! (do this and then look at the bottom where it compares your chances with eSET vs DET)


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