Thursday, February 2, 2017

FET Prep

On Monday I made my way back to New York-it was my first time back since my retrieval.  I had the usual blood and ultrasound and a lovely meeting with Dr. B.  
I started my estrogen shots Tuesday night, .05 and then again on Friday with .1.  I also dropped my Lupron to 5 units on Tuesday night as well.  

My levels looked good, a have a small cyst on an ovary, but that's not a big deal.  My period came and has now gone-it was heavier than I remember my recent periods being, so we're hoping the lining looks like it's developing solidly on Monday so we don't have to clean it out.  However, if it does look funny, he'll clean it out, and we'll determine then if we need to do any additional imaging before the transfer.  If you don't remember, my endometrial biopsy showed polyp fragments.  At the past three transfers, I've had trilaminar lining.  That is what the lining needs to be in order to be receptive to implantation, so we don't think there's an underlying issue. However, if the lining looks funny, we'll dig deeper before doing a transfer.  This is all TBD as of Monday.  

So, we're exactly where we need to be, for now.  

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