Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Transfer is a GO!

Nothing like a good spoiler alert eh?!? 
On Monday, Hannah and I returned to NY for my monitoring appointment.  I had to bring Hannah because she had a fever the day before, and since she wasn't 24 hours fever free, she couldn't attend school. However, lo and behold, she was still actually sick and an hour out from NY, she threw up, all over herself, in her car seat.  We had to take a a pit stop at a NJ rest area, and 20 minutes later we were back on our way.  I dropped her off by our former babysitter and then I headed to my appointment.  

I have since renamed ultrasound techs, sneaky bitches.  I know it's their job that they can't tell you any information but just laying there, watching their facial expressions and trying to interpret their requests of move this way, take a deep breath, hold it, and all that clicking! I thought for sure I was doomed.  
But, alas, my lining measured at a 9.  Which isn't as thick as it needs to be, but we were still one and a half weeks out, giving it plenty of time to continue to develop. Apparently there are ways to grade the lining, and from my understanding my lining is beginning to look like a triple line pattern, which is ideal for implantation.  It's funny, as time goes on, I become more and more aware of what goes into this process and how my body responds. In previous cycles, I never once asked or cared to know how thick my lining was or what it looks like! But, I guess as we become more and more involved in social media, we learn more and more about people and what they go through and then even in these cases, we begin to implement what we see into our own life. So, I asked how thick my lining was, which was when he threw in what it looked like, so now I'll have another detail to pay attention to from now on.  

I mentioned last week about the potential growth in my uterus.  It was not brought up this appointment so either it was just the picture from the ultrasound that made it appear there was a growth and there actually isn't, it doesn't look any worse, or it doesn't really matter if it's there or not at this point because my lining is developing nicely and that's all that matters at this point. 

Then it happened...
This is your last embryo...and then he suggested a relatively new experimental drug to the reproductive endocrinology field, neupogen.  Neupogen is typically used in patients that are receiving chemotherapy as a way to stimulate white blood cell growth. It is often used for women how have recurrent pregnancy loss due to immunological issues, but they also believe it can help increase egg quality and improve lining quality, which is why we're doing it. I have to purchase it as two doses, for more than $700, and it is injected into the uterus.  I'll have it done on Monday, and also the day before the transfer, Thursday.  I'll have to sleep over in NY Thursday night, but I'm determined to make this work!

Maybe the third time's a charm...

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