Tuesday, April 26, 2016


This morning, around 10:30, we had a successful transfer.
I introduce to you our newest, teeny tiny, microscopic embryo...from the freezer, seven and a half years later! 

Here's how a transfer works:
You have to arrive with a full bladder-the full bladder helps the uterus show on the ultrasound, which helps for better imaging.  The imaging helps with catheter placement into the uterus. The catheter contains the embryo and the embryo will be "shot into" the uterus.

Both myself and my husband had to dress in a scrub like uniform to ensure a sterile environment. 

The procedure is not painful at all, rather sitting with a full bladder for about an hour is! We met with the nurse and went over instructions, and then met with the embryologist who declared our embryo "perfect!" We then moved our way into the operating room, and I'm IDed as the patient and the embryo is made sure to match my ID.  The cervix is cleaned, the catheter is inserted and ultrasound guides the proper placement.  Once the doctor is ready, the embryo is passed through a small window in the operating room and within a few seconds the embryo is placed!  

You can watch the transfer video HERE 

Because I had a full bladder, and they want you to lie flat for 30 more minutes, they requested that I use a bed pan so I wasn't straining by holding it in.  That was quite the experience.  Labor and birth is a somewhat boundary-less experience, this was not something I was prepared for.  It took quite a bit of coaxing, but I finally gave in.  

I am back at home, relaxing, definitely using the two days of mandatory bed rest to my advantage.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to remain on bed rest for two days, but any time spent relaxing is better than no time!  I have several limitations until my pregnancy test on May 6.
No heavy lifting 
No exercising 
No douching or hot tub use
No intercourse 
Continue my medications 

I go back on May 2 to check my progesterone and estrogen levels.  

Although I've gone through this process rather disconnected, no matter how much distance you try to put between yourself and the possibility of a possible outcome, nonetheless, hope and future starts to creep right on in.  For now, I'll live in the realm of possibility, and I'll take what may as it comes. 

Here we go! 

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