Friday, April 22, 2016

Transfer date is set!

I have been meaning to update all week, but with Passover beginning tonight, the days were long and there was just not enough time!
I went to the doctor for blood and ultrasound on Monday.  
For those of you that don't remember, I started on baby aspirin to increase the blood flow to my uterus.  Of course, everyone wants to hear early Monday morning, "your uterus is perfect!" I'll take it! 

I continued on the Lupron through Wednesday and I'm still taking .2 estrogen every third night, so I'm due to take another shot tonight.  Last night I began Crinone (which is a progesterone vaginal suppository) and Medrol (steroid) and Augmentin (antibiotic).  Although I can't be certain, I believe I have an intolerance to Augmentin since I woke up five ours after my initial dose puking for a few hours this morning.  Thankfully, I got a new antibiotic called in-one I've taken recently and had no issues with.  

I return to the office Monday morning just to do blood work and make sure things are looking good, and then the transfer will take place Tuesday at some point.  

Happy Passover and Happy Weekend! I don't think I've been more happy to have this crazy week come to an end!


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