Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Munchies...

The countdown is on: T-5 days until the big seders! If you're like me, you struggle with the desire to keep things interesting, but ultimately lack the time to really change things up.  Well, I'm here to offer that pat on the back-because my Passover menu hasn't changed in years.  I've been making Passover for about 6 years now (or is it 7) and although my mom isn't the most organized person, she is really good at making lists and keeping an inventory.  Although, she only does it as a ploy to save money!  Sorry mom! Tonight will be our annual Passover shopping trip and although I dread it, there is some serious sense of accomplishment having successfully bought what you need for Passover.  

Anyway, for those of you still struggling to complete your menu, or needing a few fill in items, I will share our Seder menu with you, along with some links to recipes.  Next Monday, I'll share my favorite recipes that you can use for the last days of Passover, or truthfully, all year round! 

Seder 1
Charoses is a paste-like mixture that we eat during the seder to remind us of the mortar the Jews used while in slavery.  It is typically a mixture made of nuts, apples and wine, but because of allergies, we now do a nut-free version.

It doesn't look too appealing, but trust me-it's sweet, crunchy and alcoholic!  You can also make it to the texture of your liking.  

Gefilte Fish 
Gefilte fish isn't actually a type of fish- it's a mixture of several types of fish ground and molded into a log form.  It can be baked or boiled.  Typically, we boil it and serve it with a sweet horseradish and beets mixture.  
Many people who don't know any better are used to eating it from the jar.  I have never had that version, and I do not plan on it! Boiling is so simple-buy it frozen, and boil it! Ta-da! This is the kind of horseradish we like: 
 It has a kick, but also sweet and you can definitely take piling it on with this mixture.  

Chicken soup and Matzoh Balls 
It wouldn't be Passover without chicken soup and matzoh balls!  We don't typically have matzoh balls anymore-they take extra time, Hannah can't have them, my dad is gluten free, and they aren't diet friendly. But, for holidays, we make exceptions!  Matzoh balls have definitely become a treat and I'm looking forward-some like them hard, most prefer them soft, but the challenge is real! Some say not to lift the lid, others add seltzer...

I mentioned HERE that I was into roasted chicken, and that will be a simple way to add in some additional veggies, the traditional potatoes, and the chicken!  I love that it's so easy and contains so many "must-haves" that are required for an entree!

Roasted Whole Chicken with Vegetables - I am giving this a shot tonight with brussel sprouts, onions, potatoes and carrots:

Such an easy vegetable to make! Not everyone goes for it, but I love it.  It's carb-free, so that's another win! With all these carbs on Passover, I can definitely appreciate the lack of carbs in this dish! 

Cranberry Matzoh Kugel 
This is definitely a winner-it almost tastes like regular kugel! This has been on the list since the first year and I look forward to it every meal! 

Kosher by Design Cranberry Pineapple Kugel:  

Dessert: Chocolate Mousse 
Mousse is simple and such a crowd pleaser.  Typically, I make it in a pie, but for Passover the pie crusts are limited, and not as good, so this year I bought small disposable plastic dessert cups that I can garnish with raspberries.  I cannot wait for this, I love a good chocolate dessert.  The recipe is so simple-come back next week where I'll share it! 


Seder 2
This seder will have a majority of the same food, but a few items will be switched out.  Instead of asparagus we'll have green beans-most likely prepared the same way.  Instead of chicken we'll have brisket with potatoes.   Instead of the cranberry pineapple kugel, we'll have a cranberry relish: it's made of cranberries, pineapple and mandarin oranges and also is a satisfying and light side dish.  
Dessert will be a lemon frozen mousse-like dessert.

Come back next week where I'll showcase some of these recipes, but I hope you'l stop back sooner!
 Happy cooking! 

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