Wednesday, June 28, 2017

First OB appointment

I drove into NY Monday-really for my first OB appointment, but since I was going, I also had my regular blood test by Dr. B first.  I took a goodbye cookie set, but I didn't say goodbye. I don't do goodbyes, and they all know I'll be back.  

Then I headed to my OB.  He's located in a new outdoor mall, so it's always fun to have an excuse to do some shopping.  It's known that afternoon appointments usually come with longer than normal wait times, and this was no exception.  I was particularly anxious because I'm not used to waiting so long into the day. I waited for about an hour and a half before they called me.  He joked I'd be in my third trimester before they saw me, but he had two emergencies earlier in the day!  We caught up, went over some records, and discussed my plan of care.  I am having my first trimester screening tomorrow (that was not without drama of course) and because of that, it wasn't necessary to do an ultrasound this appointment.  I did freak out that, "you're going to make sure it's alive today though, right?" Of course! We did my annual exam first, and then the nurse brought in the doppler.  When I went for my first appointment with Moshe, we couldn't hear the heartbeat via the doppler, so they rushed me for an ultrasound.  When it happened this time, the panic quickly set in.  The nurse just picked a random spot to start searching for the heartbeat, but it wasn't in the spot.  Thankfully, I feel the baby move, so I motioned for her to move to my left side, and right away we heart the heartbeat of 163.  "You know where that baby is!" she said.  

My ultrasound is tomorrow at 1:45 back in NY.  The ultrasound takes about 30-45 minutes, but they also told me to expect a wait since they're squeezing me in.  I will go in the morning for blood work, officially my last appointment with Dr. B, then run some errands, and then go to my appointment.  

I'm feeling consistent movement, plus having just heard the heartbeat I know this baby is alive.  However, this is a big appointment tomorrow-this is the first time we'll have the opportunity to look closely at the development and hopefully we'll have good results and all will be well.     

Taken last week at 11w0d

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