Thursday, September 15, 2016

Birthday Season...

Birthdays in our house should really be called Birthseasons. With all three kiddos having their special day within a month, it makes for some serious partying.  And, some serious spending if I'm not careful.  My husband grew up with a birthday table- a small table filled with treats and goodies on the morning of your birthday.  I happen to like the idea, its an opportunity to gift the person with all sorts of small special tokens that remind them how much you care.  But, I'm not doing a table, I'll stick with a cute birthday bag #targetforthewin. 

I went with something a little different this year...I've seen all over Instagram the "one balloon," but they only make them in the sayings they make them in-they can't be customized. So, I took matters into my own hands....

Hannah was the first to celebrate

For the past couple years I bought confetti balloons from Paperscapes  on Etsy.  Their products are beautiful and their customer service is amazing. 

Of birthday is complete without donuts 

We went out to eat recently, and in a NYC restaurant someone's always celebrating!  At this particular place, instead of candles, they use a shooting sparkler. And while I haven't found quite that, yet, I knew my kids wouldn't be disappointed with sparklers. 

I'm not sure if she was more excited for the donuts or her gifts!

Hannah got some dress up shoes, a baby doll lunch accessory that included a cute divided tray with animal crackers, squeeze apple sauce and a few other food items that have already disappeared in our new house!

Next up, there was a scenery change as we celebrated Dovy's birthday on the same day!

I don't think Dovy was expecting to see this when he woke up...

Just look at his face!

But no one complains when donuts greet them on the breakfast table!

Dovy was much more excited about his sparklers than Hannah; their birthdays were the first time trying it out, so he was pretty darn excited!

And today, a little bit more than a month later, we had another birthday celebration 

If helium isn't a good option for balloon filling, just blow them up yourself and hang them from the ceiling!  Personal helium tanks can be expensive, and taking them somewhere to get filled isn't always an option.

I haven't talked much about our move, yet, but Moshe is flourishing and oh so happy, every day!

Just look at this face!

Moshe is my only child with a birthday that falls during the school year; so he gets to celebrate his birthday, on his birthday, in school with his friends.  My other two celebrate their half birthdays in school to make up for their summer birthday.

So, let's talk the one balloon trend shall we?

Pictures like this can be spotted all over Instagram and Pinterest 

Mylar Script Balloons!:

I knew I wanted a "one balloon" balloon, so I'd have to get creative! 
I ordered the letters I'd need to spell out each number (three, five and seven) from OhShinyPaperCo.  She was super quick to respond to my e-mails, which was very important because I thought of this idea pretty close to that date I'd need it, and she even rushed my order! I also ordered these mini glue dots. All you do is blow up the individual balloons according to instructions; the only thing I did differently was I taped down all the tiny tags that are meant to be where they are hung individually.  Once they're all blown up, you can assemble them to spell the word you want.  I then used the glue dots to attach the letters to each other.  I was skeptical, but the balloons are so light that the glue dots were able to hold them all together.  I even traveled with the balloons and they held up! 


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