Thursday, August 22, 2013

What a week!

Wow...1 week since our Hannah Rose arrived.  
I almost wrote, 1 week since our miracle arrived-and although there are many miraculous things surrounding her being, my other children are miraculous too.  Isn't every child?  I've actually gotten into the discussion of which is more miraculous.  A post for another day I guess...

First of all, here is my final belly picture-officially entering into the 10th month of pregnancy...
 Do I need to explain why it's blurred and dark? Ok, didn't think so...
Along those lines, I forgot to weigh myself the morning of, so we'll just go with what it said at Dr. Wonderful's my last appointment-up a total of 53 lbs! 

I thought I would be able to update from the hospital-and if not in the hospital, definitely when I got home.  
I was too sick in the hospital, and whatever time I had there was used to recuperate and adjust and take care of new baby business.  And we didn't get discharged until 6pm, so by the time I got home I had to spend time with the boys, and it was bed time.  

I'm physically feeling ok, just much more exhausted than I anticipated.  I already know I'm pushing myself too much.  

In a nutshell: 
We had a successful induction because Hannah's platelets came back over 200,000!
The day was hell.
The delivery was great! 
Hannah spent the night in the NICU but needs minimal follow up.
I'm only down 11 lbs at 1 week post!!!
 Her brothers love her.
We love her.

As the days continue I'm sure I will update with more information than you ever wanted to know!  


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  1. Aaryn, she is beautiful! So glad things have worked out and take it easy on yourself!!


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