Sunday, August 11, 2013

Slipping through my fingers...

My remaining time that is...

Don't make any mistakes here-I'm happy we'll be having our baby Tuesday, but considering we moved last week, and I'm so Type A-we've been getting very little sleep around here.  
The remaining boxes are headed for storage in the garage-that still needs to be organized.  
We're up to the last minute decorative details-hanging curtain rods, changing the pulls on the kitchen cabinets. You know, very important details.
Although I think they are important. 
And I know what it's like to have a baby; the last thing I need is to come home and feel a To Do list staring me in the face.  
So, it's finish unpacking or bust!  

My bag is not packed.
The baby's bag is not packed.  
All the baby supplies are either still in boxes or enroute via Bed Bath and Beyond.  

Truthfully, I know Tuesday will be a long day, and I am anticipating a long induction, so I will most likely be able to sleep. But in all honesty-if I can come home from the hospital with nothing to do on my To Do list but relax, then I can really take advantage of the help (thanks mom!!!) and do that whole, sleep when the baby sleeps thing.  
That would be nice.  
I'm finally looking forward to my vacation, because this summer has been anything but!!!

Tomorrow I will do my final monthly update!
And obviously the long list of blog posts related to prepping for a baby will not happen pre-baby, but I'll be sure to do them as a reflection, as I love sharing my assvice.

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