Monday, August 12, 2013

Pregnancy Complete!

In 5 hours I will be making my way to the hospital for what will be the delivery of our 3rd baby!  
I am so happy this journey is O.V.E.R.!!!  

Let's see-the bags are half packed, lists are half-assed, I did no meal prep, there are dirty dishes in the sink, I'm bringing a dirty nursing bra with me because we haven't done laundry since the move-and I had to wear it during the move since somehow my bra got misplaced-yeah, not quite sure how...

Anyway, excuse my lack of picture-the hubs was up until 12:30 building a new shoe storage cabinet for me-did I mention he's also not packed?  
Oh well..we'll do that in the morning.
And one favor, if anyone knows me in real life-make sure I don't forget to tell them that I plan on doing Cord Blood Banking...
If you follow me on Instagram (My Rose Among Thorns) you would know that at least my nails are ready for pushing ;)

I had my pre-admittance blood work done today, and when I got to the labor and delivery floor to get the orders, when the resident found out my name, his comment was, "oh, we all know everything about you!"  
My, something tells me tomorrow will be eventful!

My dad's text sums it right up: have a miraculous day tomorrow...yes, miraculous indeed!

Total weight gain/loss: I will weigh myself for the final time in a few hours.  According to Dr. Wonderful's scale (and I didn't gain weight this week, somehow) I'm up 53 lbs.  
Maternity clothes? Definitely...nothing is flattering these days...
Sleep: Since the move I have no idea what sleep is...just like I have no idea what exercise is...

Best moment this month: Bittersweet last IVIG, and of course tomorrow is D-Day!!! 

Movement: The movement has slowed down a bit, and sometimes I've gotten a little worried.  But, when there's movement, HOLY movement-it's painful...
Exercise: My kids logged onto my Run Keeper and it announced my last activity was 6 months ago...that will soon be changing! 

Gender: We know and some friends and family have been let in on the secret.  We can't wait to reveal it!!!!
Labor Signs: Other than Braxton Hicks...and if I wasn't being delivered tomorrow I'm almost certain I'd be pregnant for a few weeks more...
Belly Button in or out? Eh...not as out as I felt it was awhile ago...
What I miss: Just being able to function like a normal, healthy, physically fit person.
What I am looking forward to: Getting tomorrow over with!  I am so not looking forward to delivery-either option sounds terrible.  A C-section would be extremely challenging regarding the recovery, yet I know recovery after a natural birth aint no walk in the park either.  I'm also not looking forward to pushing out a baby... 

New SymptomsI've really been overdoing it with the move and all the unpacking-up and down, bending, squatting-it's mighty painful the next day.  

Well, ready or not here we go!!!!

Pictures and updates will follow!

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