Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday Munchies...

Mondays always seem to fly by! I think I have plenty of time to write my post, and then bam, it's 10pm and I'm so tempted to let another Monday Munchies pass me by! But, I've been pretty intentional about documenting my cooking and baking so I can share it with you all here! 

Dinner is always a big dilemma here, and I never know what my kids will agree to eat.  So I was rather surprised when Moshe asked me to make, "that thing we ate with jelly when Bubby and Zayde were here." I had no idea what he was talking about, but when he said we added jelly and sugar, I couldn't stop laughing:
Matzoh Brei! 
OY-he has obviously not lived through enough Passovers to know that we should limit matzoh eating for that one time of year! I don't know anyone who would request a matzoh dinner during the year! Even better-my kids have requested it as their lunch for school!  

1 box of the plan matzoh of your choice 
Toppings:sugar, jelly, cinnamon 

Run the matzoh sheets under water just to wet it, then break into pieces and place in the skillet-think mouth size!  

Mix 3 eggs and about 3/4-1 cup of milk-I don't like my matzoh brei overly eggy, so I use less eggs, you could definitely use more and that will create more "filler" with the matzoh.  

Pour the liquid into the skillet, and heat.  When you notice it's starting to cook, turn.  Once you notice the egg mixture is cooked-you're free to remove from the heat and eat.  If you like your matzoh crispier, continue cooking for longer. 

*I linked to a real recipe-it happens to have a much higher egg content than I make mine with, but after all, it's all about experience and figuring out which texture you like best! 

Top your matzoh brei with some sprinkled cinnamon, sugar and jelly flavor of your choice!

Ironically, a matzoh brei stand opened up in NYC!  

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