Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hanukah Garland

If you've been around for awhile you know that I have a thing about decorating for Hanukah.  Growing up in a public school, with mostly non-Jews, I often felt left out.  My kids attend a Jewish school, so they squeal with delight when they see a Christmas tree!  So, fine, I'll admit it-the decorations are solely for my enjoyment.  
In fact, when I completed this project, Hannah walked out of the bedroom and gasped, "it looks like Christmas!" 
Ok, so maybe I need to reevaluate!  

Anyway, a couple months ago, Land of Nod sent out their Holiday magazine, and on the half page spread of Hanukah themed decorations, I saw a dreidle garland.  I can't find it on their website now, but I knew it wouldn't be hard to make, so I headed to JoAnn's website.  It all came together when I saw the white pom pom string, and I knew I would alternate that between my tri-colored garland.  

Felt colors of choice-I used dark blue, light blue and white  
Yarn/String-you need something to attach and hang the dreidles from
Scissors-fabric scissors are a must!!!
Hot glue
Tape/Hook-however you choose to hang the garland

I chose to make my garland with only dreidles using this image. 

 I then copied it into google docs and sized it, and then printed.  However, you could add in a Star of David, or a menorah, hearts maybe-totally up to you!  

I then cut it out and traced it onto the felt. 

 I just guessed, and started by making nine of each color.  

Again, you can make more or less depending on how full you want your garland to be.  

I then measured the pom pom garland as a way to measure my string, and then cut accordingly.  

I laid the three garlands on top of each other-leave room so you can work on each string comfortably.  Doing this makes sure the dreidles are in line with each other.  

Gluing got a little tricky and stumped me for a minute. At first, I thought I would just glue it from the top, but then I realized that wouldn't give it much support, and I would end up with a lot of glue on my carpet.  

So I flipped the dreidles upside down and wrong side facing up and glued along the top of the square. 

 Then I did zig zag glue as a way to add some extra support. 

Let it dry and hang-voila!

It adds such a beautiful backdrop! I might even consider adding more next year. 

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