Friday, October 14, 2016

Decorating for the season

Sunday night we'll enter into the last hurrah of our holiday season! It can be so much fun, at times, but quite overwhelming all of the time.  It has just been a constant rotation of shopping, cooking, cleaning, and eating. I love the time it gives us together as a family, and it allows us to delve more into our new community, but it is oh so challenging not being near friends and family.  #mamaneedsanapandavacation 

Our last holiday, Sukkos, or commonly known as The Feast of Tabernacles.  You can find out all the info and traditions surrounded the holiday HERE!  But, this holiday focuses on the harvest. 
Traditionally, people go apple picking before Rosh Hashana to pick the apples.  We have done that in the past, and I'd love to do that on a regular basis, but this year it didn't work out to go. I was ok with that because Dovy did get to go with his class, and the apples we ate dipped in honey, were picked by my wonderful five year old.  

A few weeks ago, a local educational farm had a whole day of activities! If you haven't noticed, we love farms! One activity they had was pumpkin painting.  Hannah was the only one I'd let participate in the activity, because it is still semi-appropriate to allow her to take off her clothes in public-but from my experience, even "washable" paint from Home Depot stains, so my boys were banned from pumpkin painting, but, like what any good mom would do with two eager boys-I promised them their own day to paint pumpkins. 

We headed out to a different local farm, Larriland Farms. I picked this location based on the activities they offered in addition to crop picking.  One can only come up with so many baked apple goodies to justify so much apple picking!

We went on a hay ride

Went through a very appropriately haunted barn, and a corn maze!
We also picked up Indian corn and gourdes to add some seasonal decor to our sukkah

And, lastly, drove to the pumpkin patch to pick out our most prized painting pumpkins.
Tip: bring gloves-some pumpkins were quite thorny, and with slim pickings on pumpkins by now, it was hard to pass up a beauty just because she was a little prickly.  
My boys were most excited about the wheelbarrows!

I made each child their own pallet, handed them some brushes and a cup of water, and away they went!  

I had no secret agenda for this project, just to let them each create their own masterpiece, which is just what they did!

I did some searching around and found out that acrylic paint was the best paint, but because little ones are involved, I figured the painting was more for the thrill of the activity, and went with this  kid friendly paint!

 I had no idea when I ordered it that it was glittery, but that added such an awesome dimension to the pumpkins.

 It was also the perfectly sized containers, and the perfect price that I didn't feel bad throwing it out after only having used it one time! 

Having some fun...

I can't wait to take these with us to our Sukkot destination, and I know my kids will look forward to this tradition for many years to come! 

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