Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Will you be my valentine?

I mentioned yesterday that I was recycling last year's valentine theme.  In the words of my co-worker, "don't fix what isn't broken."  
You can check it out HERE.
Although I was happy to hear it was well received, and it definitely made things easier since it was an easy one to pull off-but I didn't want to completely copy it.  Even though these crafts are often very time consuming, it gives me a chance to be creative.  So, I figured there was a way to re-vamp the packaging system for my donuts.  

I already had many of these on hand.  
And I figured the plastic bags would probably have a better seal anyway.
Plus, who doesn't love some cute washi tape?!?

For the cakes, I'm going to utilize the same packaging system, just add a special tag.  
Unfortunately, I've had trouble getting my hands on Entenmanns donuts, so I will finish packing the bags tomorrow night and I will be able to update with a finished product.  Until then, I'll leave you with a preview. 

I bought THESE labels/stickers.  I followed their directions on how to create a template for their products.  It was shmeasy.

You can learn all about embossing HERE.

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