Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Munchies...Valentine's Day Edition

As I type, I'm in the process of trying a new recipe!  

I stumbled across this on Pinterest and I knew I had to do this.  There are a couple different version out there, but the one I'm using calls for all store bought ingredients!  
I also ended up buying a heart silicone mold.  I do have a heart shaped cookie cutter, but I figured I'd waste a lot of cake that way, making the purchase of the mold worthwhile.  

Currently, I am baking all (60+) of the heart cakes I need by Thursday...
So far, my only remark is as follows: 
1. Definitely make sure to fill the molds so that the cake ultimately will rise above and become dome shaped, that way you can cut off and have a completely flat bottom.
2.  Cut off the top when it's warm.  Let it sit after you make the cut before you try to take it out of the mold.
3. Make sure to spray the mold really well-it sucks to have the small pinch at the top get stuck.
4.  Mine have been baking for 17 minutes, not 12 as the original stated.  

I'm looking forward to seeing this product come together!

Last year, I did a co-worker valentine.  You can see that HERE.

I'll be back tomorrow with how I plan on packaging these goodies. 

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