Thursday, April 3, 2014

Purim, 2014...

Things around here are quite busy...
But most importantly, I've managed to make exercising a top priority! 
My house is not to thrilled, and honestly I curse a lot in the morning when I attempt to get dressed and that exact piece is dirty...but hey, it's all good.

I'm way behind here...
So let's back it up a bit.

Planning Purim is like planning a birthday party-for me. 
All the details need to fall into place, but you can wrack your brain for days, weeks even and all of a sudden, BOOM, that perfect idea pops into mind and everything falls into place within a matter of minutes. 
Which is what happened here.
I don't know how it happened-but Poodle girls became our theme. 

Our skirts, and my glasses, scarf and socks were found at the wonderful shop called HipHop 50s Shop
Their customer service responded almost immediately and the products shipped right away with no issue! The products seem to be of quality and you can't beat the incredibly low prices. 

Now came the challenging part of figuring out a coordinated costume for the boys.
Because we do family themes. 
Poodle girls reminded me of Grease, so I did some Pinterest searching of Grease and decided on a leather jacket, converse shoes (although we didn't have any, so I went with our matching red TOMS), jeans, and a white t-shirt. 

Can they get any cuter?
Moshe was a little upset at the lack of real dress up. 
"This isn't a real costume."
He even asked if he could put a costume over this costume. 
I let him dress up as a doctor to school for their Purim fun-does that count?

Here's the thing-Purim was late Saturday night, so no real picture taking occurred. I was planning on having all day Sunday to tackle some Purim related fun, get dressed into our costumes and take plenty of pictures.
But around 1 am I found out my very close friend's grandmother died-she's like a sister to me and her grandmother was like a grandmother to me. 
I then stayed up all night and Sunday consisted of complete chaos and by the time 7:30pm rolled around, I was falling asleep.
I still have the costumes out, saying I'll dress the kids up and take pictures...we'll see if that ever happens.

I have missed this place, and I hope to be back on a consistent basis! 

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