Monday, April 28, 2014

Getting back into the game...

I had to take a hiatus...
Between Passover, family and lack of babysitting, blogging was just not something I could make happen!
But I'm back in the game now...

So, let's start this week off with a Monday Munchies.  
Something I'm going to get into this week is my weight loss.
Or lack thereof...

In theory, I'd love to jump on the clean eating train-and truthfully, I'm still learning about what it means exactly.  
I'm a major foodie, a total junkie.  
I think in my former life I was a truck driver.
Not to stereotype or anything...
Anyway, when I can find clean food that I enjoy, I'm thrilled. 
I know it's better for me than that chocolate, or cookie.  

Something I've fallen totally in love with are chia seeds.  

 Raspberry and Chocolate Chia Pudding 

 Chia Yogurt Bowl #fitfluential #EAT 

What's so awesome about these little seeds?

Chia seeds have an interesting texture.  
If you mix them into a smoothie, or into more of a drier good, like a muffin-they have a seed like consistency.  
However, if "activated" by a liquid such as the puddings, or put into water, it creates a gel like consistency.  
Some people are turned off by that consistency, I happen to love it and frequently drink them.  

How amazing doe these look?

I hope to be showcasing some recipes made with chia seeds soon!

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