Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our full menorah

As I began preparations for this Chanukah, I knew the first thing that needed addressed was getting each child their own menorah. 
Even though they are too young to light their own, the beauty of seeing all 4 menorahs-I share with my husband, is truly our miracle on Chanuka. 
Three additional menorahs? 
Thank G-d...

I wasn't sure what I wanted for the kids-themed or not?
Different or the same?
Personalized or not?
Forget it all together?
Definitely not!!!

I knew they needed their own.
I knew I wanted this to last them awhile, not be a theme they outgrow by next year-say, an Elmo menorah might not be the popular choice come this time next year. 
I saw this menorah last year, and found it again this year.
I knew this was it, but it's $68 price tag seemed a bit too much to be asking for it, plus  I would need three.  

The Source for Everything Jewish 

I tried making my own version last year, but in order to get all the letters, I would have needed to buy multiple sets.  
And I just wasn't feeling the non-letter blocks, honestly.  

I started doing some research on Etsy, as painted blocks are very popular these days.   

My thinking was that I could find someone who could paint the letter blocks, but also paint the non-letter blocks into something much cuter than this.
That idea never panned out...
But something else awesomer (I know it's not a word) did!!!

I came across an Etsy site called abcblockology 

Hot Pink Glitter on White  (Sample Wooden Block Color)
Blue Glitter on White  (Sample Wooden Block Color) 
These are some of the glitter blocks they have-they have every color combination you can imagine-glitter and non-glitter!
They were incredibly helpful with answering my questions, helping me color coordinate and answering my questions.  
In the end we decided the boys' letters would alternate between blue and silver blocks, and Hannah's would alternate between the pink and silver.  

Now I just needed to figure out the non-letter blocks.  

I had the best idea to get plain blocks made, and that way the boys could paint their own! 
I thought that would be a fabulous way for them to be involved in such a meaningful task.  
They loved it!!!

For some reason I'm having major problems with picmonkey, so bear with me as you experience picture overload...

I used metal discs, which are technically known as washers to act as a barrier from the wooden block and the soon to be flame.  
I then hot glued them and bolts on top. 

I love her ombre menorah...and since she's too young to have an opinion, well, I got to do what I wanted

The plain wooden blocks, and the menorah stands, came from SpudWoodWorks
I really can't say enough about Ethan-if you need some wood work done, please contact him. I promise you won't be disappointed with his work and his customer service! 
Plus, he was so incredibly kind to provide us with a kind holiday gesture by making the stands super last minute (like, less than 24 hour notice last minute) as well as pick up the overnight shipping tab. 
Ethan rocks, I'm telling you! 

The total cost for this project was 
Plain blocks: $28
Glitter blocks:$25
Wood glue:$10
Washers and Bolts: $22
Paint brushes, 2 sets-$9

That's a total of $122 for four of these personalized menorahs-the extra one was for our friend's two year old son, they joined us for this project.  
To buy four of the manufactured menorahs would have cost $272, not including tax and shipping.  
So, I saved at least $150, and I think these are much cuter, and more meaningful.  

I cannot wait for next year's Chanukah....
This year's went too fast.

And on another note, a few days ago was my first blogiversary!  
I can't wait to see where I end up next year; I never imagined how much  I would enjoy blogging and how much inspiration and fulfillment it would bring me.
You can read my first post HERE.

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