Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Matters of the heart

One of my friends recently linked up and the prompt was to speak what's on your mind.  
So I'm going to do that tonight.
It's finally quiet, all of my holiday gifts are wrapped.
Those beauties...

That's what this season is about-thinking of others.  
 Who can resist the holiday spirit?
I told my co-worker recently that just walking into The Container Store made me want to wrap presents!  
It's so cheerful, so happy. 
But I had an experience recently that made me realize that sometimes instead of embracing one another, we often times work against each other.  

It was Thanksgiving, and I had forgotten one ingredient I needed for one of my dishes.  
While I hurried to gather my brussel sprouts, I came across Hankkah gelt-so I grabbed enough for one bag for each child for every night. 
I also grabbed a few items I would need during the upcoming week. 
In a rush, I quickly jumped in line at the express lane.  
I knew I had more than 10 items-but every other line was full with overflowing carts! 
No one was coming behind me, surely I would be in and out soon.  
But that's not what happened.  
I began unloading my hand basket, and a lady came behind me in line.  
I thought this was express...she muttered under her breath.  
I tried my best to ignore her, but I ended up not purchasing all the Hanukkah gelt and just getting out of there as quickly as possible.  
Angry at myself for not following the rules. 
Upset that someone spoke to me like that without knowing my situation.
Even more upset that I didn't end up getting the treats I wanted to get for my children.
I had been grocery shopping until 10pm the night before.
I have a new baby at home.
I have two other kids at home. 
I carried that incident around with me the entire day.

As we approach this time of year, it's important to think of others.
I've heard from a couple of people how depressing this time of year is. 
If you're surrounded by friends and family, be thankful!
You have no idea what is going on at home.
You have no idea what is happening in someone's life.  
Find joy in your own, and be gentle to everyone else.

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