Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome back...

Welcome back to my space...
The longer I stay away, the harder it is to come back. 
I so desperately want to come back...
I hope I can get into a groove soon! On top of all the other things I must do-but I'm going on my third car mechanic in 2 days-oh, what a relaxing maternity leave.
Add a month of Jewish holidays on top of that.  

Anyway, how about an update?

Hannah is 4 weeks old tonight, but one month on Friday.  Anyone else always get confused?  First it was which weeks correlate to what month of pregnancy-where we have to remind ourselves that technically pregnancy is 10 months, and now it's this- 4 weeks does not = 1 month...
I was never one for math though.

The most common question I've been getting is how is life with three?
My answer: I don't really know.
My mom spent almost three weeks here, and I basically sat around at the computer all day, nursed Hannah and held her while she slept, all while racking up a hefty credit card bill from all of my on-line boredom shopping.  
My husband's right-working prevents me from spending money.  

Hannah is a really great baby-the one challenge we have is that she does take a pacifier and the difficulty keeping it in is pretty much our only issue.  She is not colic-y, she wakes minimally during the night and usually goes right back to sleep when she's done nursing.  Her feedings have greatly improved and she's nursing like a champ.  I am about to start pumping for work...oh the joys!  

The boys love her to pieces-Dovy loves to come and rub his cheek on her soft head of hair, and Moshe loves to tell her all about his day.  

I'm having a fabulous time shopping and dressing this baby girl.  Although she isn't quite a fan of the headbands...maybe one day!  

I plan to do a post partum post soon-but let's just say I do not enjoy getting dressed, Nordstrom doesn't carry my size in the bra I need, and I have 40 lbs to lose!  But since I haven't officially started weight watchers, and people still look at me and just see this precious newborn, at least I can get away with eating as much cake as I want come Moshe's birthday Sunday! 

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  1. Bravadodesigns (dot) com! That is where I buy my nursing bras and I LOVE them. Cake Lingerie and a few others also sell nursing bras that are cute and for larger gals. I'm HUGE. Like a size G cup. Seriously annoying.

    Anyway I'm so glad your little girl is going easy on you at night. So hard when mommy is so tired but baby won't stop crying (had too many of those nights but for the past couple weeks Silas has been a champ!!!).


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