Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Managing 3...

Not only did I finally have my first day with all 3, but we actually made it out-and survived!

Just after this one outing, I have some survival tips.

1.  Always have food and water-not just for the kiddos, but for you too.  Last thing you need is a dip in your blood sugar, to then have to eat some of an already claimed granola bar which will only lead to tears and tantrums.   
Ever read the book, Give a Mouse a Cookie?
Well kids are like that...
They want something to eat, then they need something to drink-but they don't want to share, so you end up buying at least 2 drinks-and we all know grocery store drinks are waaay overpriced.  I speak from experience.  Sorry mom, yes, I do run out of the house without a water bottle, and yes, I usually do buy a drink for myself while I'm out.  

2.  Have a plan-a serious, detail every minute plan.  That way you know what your goal is, you are then able to give your kids direction and you're able to lay out the day for them so they know what to expect.  
It's always worth it to spend a little bit of extra time in the evening to get as much organized as you can.  
It's just not worth it trying to pack and organize while the kiddos are awake, and needing you, or dumping toys, or tormenting each other. 

3.  Make sure there is something interesting at each destination.  
Here were our stops and why it was enticing to the kids.  All of these places had "treats" that were inherit to them.
For example, I needed to get the kids fitted for shoes at Nordstrom.  The seasons are changing, and they've been wearing their Toms without socks.  In the end, they are both between sizes, but the kids shoe department gives out balloons!  My kids love balloons!  They also love pressing all the different door and elevator buttons, and they would have loved to ride the escalator had I not had the stroller.
Next was to Children's Place because I wanted to buy them jean jackets.  Both of my kids wear a fedora almost every day.  The ones they currently wear are from awhile ago and are for the summer season, so I told them we would go and get them new hats!
Our next stop was to Home Depot for a DIY project.  Moshe had actually requested to go there so they could ride the car carts.  That was a major score.  I always find Home Depot a hassle, but their price on spray paint is totally worth it.  My kids would have been content to ride that cart all afternoon.  Now, what would have worked out even better was if the cart actually had 2 steering wheels like it was supposed to.
Our final destination was the grocery store so I could pick up some needed groceries but my kids also knew they could pick out a treat from the bakery. 

4.  Have a real reward at the end, or in the middle to hold them to that point, but then it's something to hold over their head.  They talked about their cookie all day!  They also couldn't wait to go home and take a bath and try out this new volcano I bought Moshe as a birthday present.  
See, treats and rewards don't have to be food...

5. Just remember, tantrums and tears are ok.  They happen, quite frequently I might add.  
Think of them this way: If your kid is having a tantrum, chances are you're doing something right.  
My kids happen to throw quite a bit of tantrums.  My downstairs neighbors don't like it-they have told me I don't know how to control my kids.  But it's actually the opposite.  My kids have tantrums in response to my discipline and giving them boundaries.  If I didn't do that, there would be no screaming because my kids would be eating suckers and treats for dinner and wash it down with some pop! 
They also would stay up all night watching DVDs.  
See what I mean? 

Here are some of my favorite grab and go snacks

What are some of your go to snacks when you're out and about?


  1. love these! I have to have my water bottle. I can usually do without food but NOT my water!! :)

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