Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Apple & Eve Vox Box

I've blogged here a few times about a network called Influenster.  It's pretty neat, they send you products for free after qualifying, and all you have to do in return is use social media to advertise and give reviews!  
I recently qualified to review Apple & Eve Organic juice, and Apple & Eve organic Quenchers juice boxes.  At first I was a little disappointed that the vox box I qualified for wasn't the fashion or mommy box, hint hint Influenster, but when the juice came in super handy for one of my favorite alcoholic beverages, I quickly changed my mind! 

Let's talk about the Quenchers first.
The flavors are berrylicious lemonade, fruit punch burst, and razzberry apple splash. Unfortunately the razzberry apple splash isn't kosher, but luckily the other two flavors are! I just want to add that I love Apple & Eve juice-we don't drink it regularly, but when I do need to buy juice, I buy their product.  It's just so tasty and good quality!  

Now, I'm just going to be upfront and honest here-I know the true test would have been to let my kids taste these and ask them what they think, however, I had a (few) moments of selfishness and decided I needed to keep these for myself.  They contain 50% less sugar and are organic and with only 40 calories and 10 carbohydrates I knew that this would definitely spice up my day.  It was a small sacrifice, but big reward kind of treat and I definitely enjoyed sipping it on my way to work in the morning!  It wasn't too sweet, with just enough flavor to taste like juice without all the extra sugar and calories.  

I also received the Orange Pineapple Organics juice in my Vox Box 

Again, at first I was a little disappointed in the flavor, and it was just sitting in my refrigerator for just the right time!  Little did I know, that right time would include alcohol.  We were at neighbors and some of the ladies were wanted a nice beverage, but their house was out of juice.  I knew that I had this at home, so I ran home to get it and it was seriously the best addition. Sorry Apple & Eve, I'm sure your intention wasn't for your organic juice to be used in an alcoholic beverage, but it just couldn't be helped.  
Also, how cool is it that the container is eco-friendly? 
It is also available in Tart Cherry, that might be delicious in an alcoholic beverage, and in Natural Style Apple. 

All in all, if and when I'm on the hunt for kid friendly juice boxes, I will definitely look for Apple & Eve organic Quenchers.  

* I received these products for free in exchange for my views! 

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