Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm back...and I'm hungry

So, why not start with a Monday Munchies?

Let me explain-I'm one of those that sets routines based on the beginning of a new week.
That's right-my diet always begins on Sunday.
My exercise always begins on Sunday.
So, my blog must begin again on it's normal start day-Monday.

I won't get into where I've been, because really, it's nothing too exciting.
I've just been way too tired to keep up with this space of mine, but I have missed it oh so dearly.
But, in order to re-commit to this space, I realized I have to let go of the things I didn't get to document-like newborn necessities, or past birthdays, and really try to blog in the moment.  
And oh how I would love it if I had the time necessary to create such wonderful postings.
But I can't promise anything.  
I'm tired.
But, I don't know any good speech therapist that didn't have something to say.  
So I'll just keep on keeping on!

Without further ado, my Monday Munchies is all about my recent cookies and cakes.  
If you remember, I had recently gotten into royal icing and cupcake toppers (also known as fondant).  Thankfully, I have great reason to practice!  
Think birthdays, back to school, and an open house night.  

For now, I'll just showcase what it is I've made, and in the future, I plan on video taping a tutorial on royal icing.
I also plan on taking some more classes so I can hone my cookie decorating skills.

I plan on giving more information and tutorials as I create more delectable treats!  If you have any questions please feel free to let me know!


  1. Welcome back! I missed reading your blog. love you, your mother

  2. Me have you deliver to Atlanta?


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