Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hannah's Bag

While in the midst of my vacation, yes, let's just call it my blogging vacation, Hannah was diagnosed with a few allergies. 
One of them being the dreaded peanut allergy.  
When we informed Moshe that our house would no longer be able to have peanut butter, he thew himself onto the chair and exclaimed, "ugh, I love peanut butter!" 
And all I thought of was all the yummy desserts I could no longer make.
However, I quickly gave myself a mental spanking because this is really not a big deal at all, and I went into my typical organizing mode.  
With Epi pens running an almost $200 co-pay for 2 pens, I realized there was no way I was going to be buying a pen for every.single.possible location she would ever be in.  
A more realistic solution was to create Hannah's bag.

I had secretly been eying this Skip Hop cross body bag and knew this was the perfect opportunity to buy it. 

It has plenty of pockets, and comes with a wipes case, plus it has a strap for convenient handling.  

In addition to the allergies, Hannah also suffers from eczema-so this is my toned downed diaper bag which contains all of Hannah's necessities.

The only thing not shown is a change of clothes-and the reason they're not shown is because we needed to use them over the weekend! 

This bag is known around the house as Hannah's bag, and whenever we leave the house-it comes with us.  It also has a specific resting spot in the kitchen for easy access to the epi pens should we need it.

I have found that this solution really works well because it has everything we need to address an allergic reaction, and it's all in one place and whenever, wherever, whomever can just use this bag. 
Overall, I feel a lot less overwhelmed knowing that I just grab and go with this bag!

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