Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Monday Munchies...

If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't, you should...) you already know that a few days after my Zayde passed away, was my Bubby's (grandmother) 86th birthday.  She wasn't exactly up for a cake, but I insisted.  My aunt, insisted on thick, white, frosting.  I mentioned last week that I tried a new frosting recipe because I had just not found one I loved.  My Bubby pulled out her recipe box, and gave me a recipe to try.  It even has the note "very good" on it.  So, what could be bad about that!  I was a little hesitant since it uses shortening, and in my experience, white frosting that uses shortening not only leaves a residue in your mouth, it didn't have much taste.  This one, as stated, is very good and not like any other recipe I've tried! It is pure white, it doesn't have the left over residue, it has no egg whites so it's completely allergen, kid and pregnant woman friendly, and it's so quick! 

Bubby's Very Good Frosting 
1 box of powdered sugar (a small box is 1 lb)
1 cup Crisco 
1/4 cup hot water
1/2 teaspoon almond flavor (I used vanilla)
1/2 teaspoon lemon flavor

I wouldn't normally keep 1 lb boxes of sugar, but to make it more convenient, I would definitely stock up on a few boxes of powdered sugar and some of the sticks of Crisco shortening.  I also used vanilla extract instead of almond extract, which according to my aunt, did impact the flavor.  I also used lemon juice instead of lemon extract.  

I dumped it all in the mixer, and let it mix on high once the sugar was incorporated so I wouldn't have a sugary mess on my hands...it got nice and whipped, and was truly white! It also tasted delicious and went onto the cake smoothly! My Bubby told me this frosting is also great for piping and making cake designs.  And since it's white, iit's perfect for coloring.  I really can't wait to use this again, can you tell?!?

Let me know if you try it and love it! 

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