Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Answering a couple of questions

My last post left some people asking questions.  

1.  When will you know if you're pregnant?
Nothing has happened, yet, that would allow me to be pregnant.  The transfer is tentatively scheduled for late April.  I am currently on a round of birth control to provide enough estrogen to reduce my ovarian cysts, and I will go back in for monitoring on day 2-3 of my upcoming cycle in about 2 weeks. If all checks out well, we can proceed forward.  I'm not sure what the next month will look like-more birth control, lupron, or what. With my last transfer, I didn't need Lupron, but I don't exactly remember what "medical support" I got pre-transfer.  We didn't discuss what the plan is if the birth control doesn't shrink my cysts.  In the upcoming month and a half I will also undergo a saline ultrasound to measure the size and shape of my uterus, and endometrial biopsy to check my uterine lining (and new research shows that scratching the surface of the uterus increases implantation rates) and I will also have the polyp on my cervix removed. 

2. Why don't you try to get pregnant again naturally? 
There are a few different answers to this questions.  The first one is the obvious-I'm on birth control, and I have been on birth control for the past 7 months while I was on accutane.  Therefore, trying for a pregnancy wasn't an option.  Technically, I could forgo birth control and see what happens, but there are a couple reasons why we're not doing that. One reason is that I have a history of irregular bleeding, and because of the laws of family purity (you can read more about that in my very first blog posts), we aren't interested in dealing with that. There's also an emotional component-trying to get pregnant is very time consuming, emotionally obviously physically taxing. We know that the odds are not in our favor, so why bother with the emotional roller coaster?  Plus, we do have the four remaining embryos that we wish to use, and I have excellent insurance coverage at the moment, so it makes sense to go this route.

3. So you want 7 kids?
Sure, why not?!? However it's not that likely that all 6 of my initial embryos will actually result in live children.  I don't know hard statistics, but most people have failed IVF cycles, and most likely, it will happen to me too...just being realistic.  Who knows how many children will actually result from the remaining four embryos.  
4. Would you stop at 3 kids?
Not if I have any say in it... but ultimately, I don't know what my final family looks like or how I'll get there or when.  I'm sure if I were so lucky that I did end up with 7 kids, I'd be done.  Is four enough? Is five? We haven't bothered really answering these questions because there are so many factors that would go into make that decision-like money, age, time, etc.  For now, we're looking at having baby #4-how and when we'll get baby #4 is unknown, to us, but it will happen #whentheresawilltheresaway 

If you have any questions about my personal journey, or (in)fertility in general, please comment or message me and I'll gladly do my best to answer them!

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