Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The summer months are always jam packed for us. 
Since I entered the working world, I've opted to continue working through the summer by providing speech services to those in need of 12-month services.  It's not the most relaxing way to spend the summer, but I'm helping children who need it, as well as making some extra moolah. 
But besides that, all of our littles have birthdays in the summer months. All within one month of each other.  We don't have any big celebration planned for this year, so we're going to be doing a joint birthday bash at our home with some entertainment.  I can't wait to show you details. 
But in the meantime, I am hard at work planning multiple birthdays.  

Now that the boys are old enough to have an opinion, I though it would be nice to let them tell me what they would like for their birthday, instead of me using the opportunity to gift them underwear.  

I created a little sign for them and we sat around the table and discussed what everyone would like.  We don't have cable so they aren't exposed to the commercials of kids toys-so it was quite interesting to realize they don't really understand what to ask for.  In typical Dovy fashion, he kept telling me, "I haven't decided yet."  But true to my boys' form, they requested a couple of musical items. Oh, and a firework shooter gun...hmm, I don't think that one is getting purchased! Sparklers, maybe-a firework shooter gun, how about not?!? 

Is it bad to not buy them anything from their list?

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  1. Me think Hannah needs a truck!


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