Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Birthday Cake Hacks

The littles birthdays are coming up quickly, and because they are actually back to back; quick, simple, and easy are the names of the game.
You are all familiar with my donut mountain.  
However, since I constantly hear the, "it's not fair," since the kids are old enough to finally understand the meaning behind what we do, I really want them to feel special and individual on their special day.
I started thinking about adding in birthday dinner. 
And birthday cake.
Only problem is most of my pre-made cake options contain nuts, or traces of nuts.
I'm sure I'll be burned out after their party, I never learn from my previous mistakes since I'll be doing all the cooking and baking.  

Here is a cake hack that will help make that cake extra special-in an extra simple way!

I actually had visualized this idea in my head-and I plan on practicing on a welcome home cake for our downstairs neighbor when he returns next week.  
It seems simple enough-you just cut out the message/pattern from wax paper or parchment paper, lay it on the iced cake, and pour  your sprinkles.  
 You have to follow the directions to make sure the frosting is ready to receive the sprinkles, and I imagine it might be difficult removing the stencil and not having the excess sprinkles make their way onto the rest of the cake.  
But, it seems simple enough. 

Polka Dot Inside-And-Out Birthday Cake

Another hack I saw was using cookie cutters as the boundary so to speak, and filling that in with sprinkles. 
I can't find the tutorial on it now, but essentially just sprinkle within the boundaries of the cutter.  
Voila-seems simple!
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